RPG Minimum Arming Distance: 5 Meters

This clown got in just over the minimum. Unfortunately for him, the lethal radius of a RPG-7 fragmentation round is up to 150 meters. Darwinian theory continues to prove itself out.

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5 Responses to RPG Minimum Arming Distance: 5 Meters

  1. joe buzz says:

    It looks to me like he was trying to fire down an alley. It sounds linke rounds are coming down the alley and he is trying to inch over to deploy his weapon. He touches off his rpg and tries to duck out of the alley at the same time which results in him pulling his shot into the building on the corner of the alley and the street he is firing from. But yeah darwin.

  2. neal5x5 says:

    Soooo, if we supply these people with lots of RPGs does this mean that we’ll never have to fight them?

  3. Pseudo Nym says:

    The screwup appears to be the desired result of suppresive gunfire.

    Keep firing at the bad guys. Even if you don’t get one, you’ll force them to keep their head down, or better yet, you’ll force them to screw up a shot like in this video.

    Darwin had nothing to do with this. Good fire discipline precipitated the pulled shot.