The Day After

The Sun came up this morning. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to greet it but I know that it was a blessing that I was able to see it. I should actually be feeling liberated today. The man who is my first military hero gave me some advice a few years ago. This advice came during the height of my involvement in the effort to save my Country from the destruction that is now upon us and has now been made most certain. He told me that the world doesn’t belong to me, so it’s not my responsibility to try to save it. I agreed with the first part of that statement but I disagreed with the second part. I have believed that it is my duty to use all the things God has given me to help defend this Nation from the things that will surely destroy it and are well on the way to doing so at this very moment.

I now see that all I have done to help defend my Country from the greatest Evil of our time has come to naught. An overwhelming number of the people who I fought to defend from this Evil have embraced it. It has been and will continue to be a great personal challenge for me to accept this insidious personal betrayal. The best thing I can do for myself right now is be happy that I no longer have to pour my energy into what has now been proven to me to be a losing endeavor. To continue to do so would only represent the height of self destructive behavior. I should be relieved that I have now been shown in a very definite way that my best efforts in life should now be directed toward my personal survival and the survival of my family. It is only by giving my thoughts and efforts over to the things I am actually responsible for and am able to directly affect that I will be able to continue to survive and help those around me to do the same.

As I watched the Democrat National Convention this year, the profound sense of sadness I felt came from the knowledge that if anywhere near half of this Country actually embraces the ideals that were expressed there, that the United States will not survive. Last night I was made aware in no uncertain terms, that the United States will not survive. No house that is as divided against itself as ours is CAN survive. As there are so many of us that will not embrace the Evil that is upon us and will continue to be upon us for all of the foreseeable future, we will remain divided. The United States cannot survive this condition, especially with the unavoidable financial collapse that will soon deprive us of the ability to provide for our most basic needs in the way in which we have known all of our lives.

In 2008 I watched the left arm of this Country raise a loaded revolver to its head. The right arm spent the last four years trying to knock it away. Now I stand at a safe distance, having done all I could possibly do to talk that hand of the left arm out of pulling the trigger. I said all I could say and did all I knew to do. Last night that left hand pulled the trigger and I was once again shown how people who are truly intent on suicide can’t be stopped. CPR and life support systems will not help to revive the body. Perhaps some organs can be harvested that can be successfully transplanted into people who are determined to fight for their lives instead of waste them. The best I can do now is help to bury the corpse before it starts to stink, attract flies and becomes a bigger hazard to my health.

The “Big Picture” for me just got a whole lot smaller.

The priorities that now deserve my best efforts and energy must be much closer to home than they have been for the past 25 years.

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7 Responses to The Day After

  1. ww says:

    Well said Brad.

  2. Danny says:

    Exactly the way I feel.

  3. Greg B says:

    Unforutately even as the body of Liberty decays, the necrophilliacs will STILL be trying to cop a feel.
    Horrid imagery yes.
    But true nonetheless.

  4. Ironheads82 says:

    I too echo your thoughts. I have taken steps today to prepare my family for survival instead of retirement. In many ways, they are the same now. It is a sad day for Americans, even though many know not what they have done.

  5. Bman says:

    When I woke up this morning, two thoughts crossed my mind in the way I felt. I woke up feeling like Holden Caulfield, and just witnessed 51% of the population and our country go over the cliff. We saw them running through the rye towards that cliff, we tried to catch them before they did, but no matter how much we tried to catch one person at a time from falling, thousands more rushed on by.

    The second thought that crossed my mind was the clip from Star Wars 3. Operation 66 had been enacted which was a plan to eliminate all Jedi Knights. The American populace struck down our founding principals just like that, in one mighty, final blow.

    It’s a stupid analogy but thats what I thought of. I feel like a slain Jedi Knight….and I don’t even like Star Wars.

  6. DarthJay says:

    (begin geek talk)
    It’s ORDER 66, Bman. 🙂
    (end geek talk)

    And we are not the slain Jedi. We are the Yodas and Obi-Wans lying in wait to strike back at the appropriate time. The slain Jedi are those blinded fools who voted independent.

  7. Bman says:

    Yes Darth. Very good. We are the yoda’s and Obi’s. I like your comparison. Like Yoda said, replying to Obi-Wan’s comment:”That boy is our last hope.”

    “No. There is another.”