I allowed myself to believe a Lie

I’ve attended Church services with many congregations throughout the black community in my City. I was able to give praise to Almighty God along with my Brothers ans Sisters in Christ with my voice and my musical instrument. I’ve served as a Deacon, Cook and Counselor in one such congregation. I’ve felt the fire that has come from the pulpit and came to believe that the Christian Faith was the biggest and most defining thing that has guided the lives of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ through good times and in hard times.

Based on statistical feedback from the Election Day results, it is clear that I allowed myself to believe a Lie.

My apologies to the Real Revo for expressing my belief in that Lie here and thereby provided a false sense of hope and comfort among our readership.

I promise you, it won’t happen again.

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4 Responses to I allowed myself to believe a Lie

  1. Greg B says:

    Brad, no need to apologize for others whose actions you had no control over.
    It all comes down to them wanting free shit.
    And zero promised to take from the productive and spread it around to those whom are not.

  2. RJM says:


    Dear Brother, fear not, God is in charge and we may not know his timing or reason but he is still the creator of all.

    He will glorify himself and he doesn’t need our help.


  3. Manolo says:

    I believed the lie the same way, but I gave it up for the Church of the Armalite. Here’s a prayer from the good book:

    “Our gun, which art in hand, hollowed be thy bullets.
    “Thy just use one, thy kill be done,
    “On the street as it is on the range.
    “Give us this day clear fields of fire,
    “And ensure thy enemies are in thee kill zone.
    “Lead us not into ambushes, but deliver us full magazines, on attack as we move into forward positions.
    “For thine is the most accurate and deadly of weapons known to man ever and ever.

    — Remington 30:06

  4. thebronze says:

    Sometimes they expose themselves.

    Black ALWAYS backs Black.

    But we’re the Racists…