Leftists to get a lesson in the merits of federalism

Lefitsts created the centralized monster. You know, I had very little compassion for Dr. Frankenstein when his monster turned on him. In fact, all I felt was schadenfreude.

Votes making Colorado and Washington the first U.S. states to legalize marijuana for recreational use could be short-lived victories for pot backers because the federal government will fight them, two former U.S. drug control officials said on Wednesday.

They said the federal government could sue to block parts of the measures or send threatening letters to marijuana shops, followed up by street-level clampdowns similar to those targeting medical marijuana dispensaries the government suspects are fronts for drug traffickers.

“This is a symbolic victory for (legalization) advocates, but it will be short-lived,” Kevin Sabet, a former adviser to the Obama administration’s drug czar, told reporters.

“They are facing an uphill battle with implementing this, in the face of … presidential opposition and in the face of federal enforcement opposition,” Sabet said.

That sword cuts both ways, doesn’t it?

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8 Responses to Leftists to get a lesson in the merits of federalism

  1. BarbaCat says:

    We all know it was the west side of my state (WA) that got this to pass. I’m so tired of seeing the corner state solid blue when on the other side of the Cascades we’re red. Grrr!!

  2. James says:

    I hope this spreads. It will keep the DEA busy.

  3. BigJimTX says:

    Just think, at least now your state leans green instead of blue. πŸ™‚

  4. Tony says:


    The sword indeed does cut both ways.

    I want to pose a side question to the Revo. I wonder how many marijuana users voted for Obama because they think he supports their lifestyle. I am wondering if conservatives are making unnecessary enemies among voters.

    What havr we gained by imprisoning a non-violent marijuana user? I am not suggesting a marijuana users should not be held accountable for their actions while under the influence. I am asking what this country gains by sending non-violent marijuana users to one of the most violent cultures in the Republic? I am asking want we are gaining by sending non-violent marijuana uses to the equivalent of a criminal university of higher education to learn the business of crime? I am asking what we gain by financing the total support of a non-violent marijuana user who could otherwise be supporting himself.

    Now I am going to sit back and get my education on the topic.


  5. Locke n Load says:

    A good number of us on the forum are pro-legalization if not decriminalization Tony. Personally I gave the shit up a decade ago when I met my wife. In hindsight it was fun but limiting, very limiting. My life is so very much richer without it..

    Weed prohibition seems worse than futile. The drug war has by direct or indrect effect caused an explosion of underground crime. Its allowed massive intrusions into our liberties in the name of public safety. The republic is becoming a police state in response to the unintended consequences of absurd drug laws.

    Me, I’d rather the stuff just be treated like alcohol. Well, not JUST like alcohol…its still illegal to make your own booze for consumption by anyone but yourself in many areas.

  6. BigJimTX says:

    ^^^^ THIS


  7. notamobster says:

    I have always enjoyed weed.

    I’ve hit it 3-4 times in the past 17 years (during periods of unemployment). When I was a teenager, I enjoyed it regularly.

    It makes me lazy, which I don’t care for.

    I support decriminalization. Seizure & a ticket if you’re caught in possession. No increasing penalty, just the same ticket, every time.

    I choose individual liberty on every issue which impedes no one else’s rights.

  8. messup says:

    Really trying hard to reconcile 70’s Progressive Leftist’s meme (which led to tobacco industries demise) of first and second hand smoke as a proven cancer causing, emphysema long term debilitating disasterous habit…yet smoking drugs, isn’t???

    Medicinal “drugs,” smoked, inhaled don’t cause cancer and emphysema???Since when?

    Medical marijuana has been synthesized into a highly potent derivative of “in-the-wild” plant found in most Central and South American nations. THC (the human brain,dopamine altering, portion of all drugs) in this new, highly potent marijuana derivative destroys cognitive functions, twice as fast…proven in laboratory results and aired on both Discovery and NatGeo TV.

    Was the 70’s revolutionary, far left’s, narrative a lie? Smoking, after all isn’t bad for ones health?

    Can’t have it both ways…which is it? Gramsci always had this problem…as does Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky. Just got all screwed up with their squirrelly thoughts ( from THC????) Pray. Amen.