7 Navy SEALS Reprimanded For Helping Video Game

This is particularly odd to me, because I just watched (Wednesday on Netflix)the feature film “SEAL Team 6: The Raid On Osama bin Laden” which could have only been authorized by our Dear Leader.

WASHINGTON — Seven members of a unit that killed Osama bin Laden got career-ending reprimands Thursday for spilling secrets to a video game developer, a Navy official said.

The members of the elite SEAL Team 6 were charged with dereliction of duty for disclosure of classified materials and unauthorized use of unit equipment for two days of off-the-clock work earlier this year.

The SEALS were helping the firm EA with its new first-person shooter “Medal of Honor: Warfighter,” which came out last month[…]

All seven are senior enlisted men who received nonjudicial punishments. The letters of reprimand will prevent promotion and effectively end their careers under the military’s “up or out” doctrine.

Granted, they used DEVGRU equipment without authorization, but ending their careers over information less-classified than our president authorized for a worldwide audience?

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One Response to 7 Navy SEALS Reprimanded For Helping Video Game

  1. xenicalman says:

    Osama bin obama got even with the Seals because they killed his buddy.