Smaller Government On The Way?

Conservative voters typically vote to reduce the size of government. We do this for a number of reasons. Big government costs a lot. As we have seen it costs more than we can afford. It also constantly works to preserve itself – at the cost of not just money but citizen’s rights. We were beaten back this election by those who demand bigger government. Never mind that we can’t afford it at the size it is now, they want more.

I just came across a piece in The American Thinker written by Andrew K. Boyle entitled, “After Obama: The Coming Reign of Incredibly Small Government“. Boyle discusses the election and some other things before coming to the point of his article. Government will become smaller – much smaller – when the money runs out:

The future is one of incredibly small government — not in the virtuous, self-reliant Republic sort of way, but in the tragic “government crashes into the January fiscal cliff and explodes” sort of way. The grand programs instituted under the guise of moral superiority will abruptly end amongst the shrapnel of audacious government meeting the rocky cliffs of nature’s reality. If entitlements and social programs are tinkered with to conform to budget realities, it is cheap and easy to condemn them as mean or racist or some such thing within the political arena. If these programs stop abruptly because they have been purposefully grown to ridiculously unsustainable levels, those who refused to scale back well-intentioned programs when offered the chance will be responsible for the primitive violence engulfing our cities. The new and less noble beasts prowling the once-peaceful streets will be the creation of insane spending and decades of dishonest and vain politics.

The government which was recently confirmed by popular election is not only flippantly severed from reality, but morally indefensible. It is a vain attempt to alter the natural laws and limitations of our planet to conform to the audacious greed which has lain dormant within mankind from birth. In defiance of the virtues which separate humans from the beasts of the fields, we have willingly re-primativized our culture into an animalistic state of consumption where once thrift, industry and self-control made us human. We have stood athwart nature believing that we could, in perpetuity, be both noble and avaricious, endlessly pleasured and unquestionably safe.

With irony, the week of the election, nature asserted itself on the northeastern portion of the country — reminding us that there are real limits to the ability for humans to insulate themselves from the consequences of the natural world.”

If hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have shown us anything it has been no matter how much money we spend trying to separate ourselves from any harm it is never enough. Nature will always humble our efforts.

FEMA and the other entities, local and federal, have been unable or unwilling to deal with natural devastation. They are too big and too hard to get moving. Overcoming the inertia has been shown to be impossible.

I know a person who worked for FEMA. That person was involved with many disasters and saw first hand what took place and the government’s responses. That person decided that the only one they could rely on in an emergency was themself. That is not reassuring to me. Our government has tried to do too many things and is unable to do any of them well.

The overspending will come to an end and it will not be pleasant.

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4 Responses to Smaller Government On The Way?

  1. James says:

    Yes, it does shrink, but only after appropriating and expending all capital within it’s clutches. Small government is big government’s last resort.

    Students of history understand that small government doesn’t stay permanently small. Once prosperity returns (how can it not, with small government?) Corrupt Shitty People still in government power hire all their friends back, restore pensions, and pummel their subjects again.

    This is exactly what happened in the Weimar Republic that led to Hitler.

  2. Jim22 says:

    Yep. And in a hundred other countries.

  3. James says:

    The election signaled fiscal conservatives should stop trying to reverse “progress.” If people love their country so little that they dump their debt on it, extort their retirement and medicine from fellow citizens through it, bailout and subsidize entire industries, then stop trying to help them. When you continue trying to stabilize the country, you enable them to continue stealing. Give up. Shrug. You are not Atlas. You need not carry the World.

    Expend your energy to minimize the masses and their rulers’ effect on YOU. This will require a modest lifestyle. But you will find what they say and do won’t matter. It won’t matter because it can’t harm you. You won’t care.

    That is liberation.