Sometimes Revoistas are a bit too passionate

You people are going to have to show a little self discipline. Putting Tabasco in his jockstrap, for example, would have been a more than adequate response.

An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election, police said on Monday.

Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.

Daniel Solomon, 36, was in critical condition at a local hospital, but is expected to survive, Gilbert police spokesman Sergeant Jesse Sanger said.

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6 Responses to Sometimes Revoistas are a bit too passionate

  1. vanagram says:

    If it were the other way around, she would still have been covered under her parent’s health insurance.

  2. BigJimTX says:

    So which part are you thinking is too extreme? Just for my own personal curiosity of course. The wild chase part or the pinned under the vehicle part?

    What do you think she would do if he had voted for BO?

    The SOG hawks are still on sale.

    Do you think she would serve Thanksgiving MadBrad style?

    Is that too extreme?

    If you are issuing a mandate to curb our extremism, could you set a few guidelines for us?


  3. BigJimTX says:

    You know, if she had been driving faster, she wouldn’t have had the whole “pinned under the vehicle” issues that are obviously becoming a problem for her.

  4. Dusty says:

    There is a lot more to the lack of love than meets the page. The lady is certainly certifiable and needs psychiatric aid.

  5. Doc says:

    She’ll claim some sorta’ mental duress due to P.M.S., & WALK…

  6. fubar says:

    I hate how this is being painted that she is a conservative, obviously distressed at the re-election of obozo.

    it’s obvious she’s mentally ill like most of the citizens of the US.