John Kerry for SecDef?

There can only be one reason why Obama would choose John Kerry to be Secretary of defense. It is a calculated and purposeful insult to Veterans. Hell, why not Jane Fonda?

It turned out that what Mr. Kerry had sought was not to protect Americans. He sought a communist Vietnam. He viewed the communists as morally superior to the Vietnamese whom they conquered. That’s why he was joking about it with Senator Aiken. Let it never be forgotten what happened, though, when Congress capitulated. Cambodia fell that same spring to the Khmer Rouge. Free Vietnam fell two weeks later. Millions of freedom-loving Vietnamese were swept into re-education camps or fled for their lives in rickety boats on the high seas. In Cambodia, the communists slaughtered the Cambodians in killings fields. Mr. Kerry did nothing, save to savor his victory and begin his long climb in politics.

I hope Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is reorganizing.

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2 Responses to John Kerry for SecDef?

  1. Greg says:

    Pass me the ketchup…

    Did you know he served in Vietnam?


  2. Rich says:

    Why no Greg … I’d never heard that. And despite the Kerry wing of the North Vietnamese’s war memorial museum too.

    /sarcasm off/

    So O, a commie, who appointed Panetta, a commie, to secdef, wants to appoint another commie, Kerry, to that post? Gosh … I am so stunned.

    Actually sickened in my heart.

    The more time passes, the more I think Trevor Loudon is correct – that the left’s penultimate end is to destroy the US military.

    And with that accomplished, the world is theirs.