GWU: Teaching Young People That Truth Has No Value

The Washington Post has reported that George Washington University has lost its ranking with U.S. News and World Report because they lied about data that was used to rank them. Because of the incorrect data they were ranked number 51 in the publication’s latest vaunted list of best colleges in the nation. GWU has been moved from the best colleges section of the magazine’s Web site to an “unranked” list of schools that do not have calculated rankings.

The data that was fudged was the report from the school that stated 78% of their first year students had been in the top ten of their high school graduating class. The real, accurate number is twenty points lower: 58%. The reason this is important is because a school that has a high ranking can and does demand higher tuition levels from students.

They did it for the money. And not just once: “… GWU has been erroneously reporting the wrong class standing stats for more than a decade.” And GWU is not alone. “Emory University and Claremont McKenna College officials admitted that previous years’ data had been fudged, but neither saw a dramatic shift in rank. Morse said GWU is the first school this year to have its ranking changed.”

Now for the included lesson from the University President:

GWU President Steven Knapp said in a statement on Wednesday that he was surprised by the decision to remove the school’s numerical ranking rather than correct it. Knapp said that the university reported the error to U.S. News and the university community “without regard to any possible action that U.S. News might take as a result.”

Knapp concluded the statement by saying: “As I have said, we regret the error and have put safeguards in place to prevent such errors from occurring in the future.”

They have been cheating for a long time. They got caught and it caused their ranking to be reduced to somewhere close to where it belongs. There are no red faces. There is no plan to refund the unfounded tuition increases to students. Instead the University thinks they were treated unfairly for lying.

What are they teaching our young people?

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