I was told yesterday the GOP must change…

Yesterday a man whose intelligence and business acumen I greatly admire told me that the Republican Party must move to the left if it is ever going to win elections again. I didn’t really get a chance to debate it with him, but it is something I have heard and read a few times since the election.

To be honest, I don’t get it. What is the point of winning if winning means you have begun promoting the leftist agenda? The goal, after all, isn’t the victory of Republican Party candidates. The goal is public policy based on conservative and libertarian values. It makes no sense whatsoever to abandon the goal in order to put people bearing the GOP brand in office.

I know, the one thing I said I wasn’t going to do after last week’s beating is Monday morning quarterback the election or talk inside ball party politics; I am not going to start now. I don’t care a bit about the Republican Party and its strategy for winning except to the extent that it is a proxy for the values I support. If it moves left in order to win elections, it will no longer be a such a proxy and, therefore, of no value to me.

I expect we are going to hear more of this and the GOP will move left in order to win. Evidence of this being the natural evolution of things is that the so-called “conservative” parties of Europe are no more than leftist organizations who claim to be more efficient in running the state apparatus than their even further left opponents. If this is where we are heading in America, we have lost even if Republicans win.

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4 Responses to I was told yesterday the GOP must change…

  1. AW Mens says:

    Absolutely agree RD. If capitulation no matter how subtle truly was to become the platform of the Republican party then they can no longer be the standard bearer for this fight. Conservatism is a set of values and beliefs….not bunch of nimrods playing the game to get elected.
    When the country feels full force the effects (not sees or hears about but actually FEELS) of progressive policies in their daily lives only then will those progressives capable of change move to the right. A third of the country never will get it.
    To not allow the current situation to in most ways “run its course” SUPPORTS the progressive agenda. I hope we all can get through this period of “enlightenment” before the group that think they are “center right but still like Obama” is sucked down the black hole forever.
    This is a fight. Let the enemy make the moves they want to right now. In the long run it’s our one hope of reversing this via the democratic process.

  2. RJ says:

    Just like a moray eel or a chinese finger trap or a gun control finatic, they will never release or give back or truely compromise or negioate in good faith.

    All they do is take more and more, any capitulation is weakness and just encourages more.

    They want any more support from me, here is what I expect to see
    1. let bush tax cuts expire
    2. No compromise in raising the debt ceiling, let is stay where it is.
    3. Let the previously negioated cuts kick in
    4. let all the morons who voted for this commie administration feel the pain.


  3. notamobster says:

    Moving left is the new meme being pushed by the left. It should be ignored at all cost. We overwhelmingly won in non-presidential races. My county took all republican slots, from the county board of supervisors all the way up to the Presidency (we went for Romney). We have a very high unemployment rate. We also have a huge contingent of Democrats old and young. They got their asses handed to em.

    No capitulation. Not now, not ever. Let the progressives work their evil magic and proof-test their plans. When people start feeling it, they will come running back to the right.

  4. Rich says:

    If you understand that stateism, in any of its many forms, is evil, I would want this man to explain how moving toward evil is a proper or correct choice.