Iowa’s Steve King Gets It

Obama is willing to take the nation over the fiscal cliff. Hell, he wants to go over the cliff.

Republican Rep. Steve King predicted that President Barack Obama will get what he wants out of the fiscal cliff negotiations because he is willing to go over the cliff, and that Republicans would have to be willing to call his bluff to have any leverage.

“I think Barack Obama has nothing to lose from hitting the fiscal cliff, going off the fiscal cliff,” King told The Daily Caller in an interview after Florida Sen. Marco Rubio spoke Saturday night at a fundraiser for Gov. Terry Branstad.

“I think he’ll drive the hardest of bargains because he’s happy to see they Bush tax brackets go up. He’s happy to see the death tax go up to 55 percent. That fits his class envy.”

If Obama is willing and even desirous of going over the cliff, either way, taxes will be increased on high earners. There is no way in which to avoid it. Going over the cliff, however, will result in an economic crash landing and recession that the media will dutifully blame on Republican intransigence.

Therefore, Boehner should submit a bill with the tax increases Obama wants and get whatever he can in return. He should allow vulnerable Republicans to vote against the bill and assign enough safe Republicans to vote “present” to allow the Democrats to pass it.

If Republicans resist, they will simply be blamed for the coming Obama caused disaster protecting him to do even more damage later on. It is time to give him what he wants and let him own it.

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16 Responses to Iowa’s Steve King Gets It

  1. AW Mens says:

    Absolutely agree.
    It’s time to give them what they want while at the same time making a statement about ownership of the results.
    Vote “present” as you describe RD.
    Only on matters related to tinkering with the constitution or legislative rules should the R’s put up a foaming at the mouth mad dog fight.
    Other than that….vote present as they tax who they want to tax, spend what they want to spend, enforce Obamacare, and on and on.
    Let the narrative be about the results that are inevitable. Best get started on that narrative early.

  2. James says:

    What about “The Pledge?”

  3. rj says:

    I agree, let the tax cuts expire for one and all, vote present on debt ceiling, and moodys will downgrade our debt again,

    I hate the idea of higher taxes and losing deductions, but let the dems own the fucking crash and burn

    as Hank says… A Country Boy Can Survive

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    The pledge is why they have to vote present. Look, taxes are going up in 2013. It will either be for top earners because Republicans allow it or it will be for top earners and everyone else because Republicans oppose it. Either way, taxes for top earners are going up. It is certain.

    The choice before the Republicans are these…

    a) Allow rates to go up on top earners and have it blamed on the Democrats, or…

    b) Allow the rates to go up for everyone in a nightmarish way and have the blame placed right at the GOP doorstep.

    I think they should go with option A.

  5. notamobster says:

    Yep. Definitely, Option A. The question then becomes, is the current (R-tard) leadership capable of coming to that conclusion, too?

  6. rj says:

    sorry the cuts were for benefit of all taxpayers, I just cannot justify the class warfare that the dems are pushing to implement by pushing to raise on only one set of earners.

    next thing you know the bar is lowered and the new tax extended to the next lowest earners…ad infinium.

    To a lowlife tax sucking entitlement mentality type, anyone with a bigger bone is “the rich”

    Dont get me wrong, I dont have a lot of use for mega rich who then lecture about fairness, hollywood, politicians, sports figures etc…who then seek every tax shelter they can find.

    my concern is simply the mom and pop business owners who employ 10 or twelve persons and who happen to take home a nice salary of a couple hunderd thousand for the long hours they dedicate to their business.

    The dems are contolling the speach, first >250K then 200K then 150k when they define what is rich and tax the rich at a new higher rate it gives them the opportunity to raise taxes on a new set of people without actually calling it a tax raise, just redefine the “rich”


  7. notamobster says:

    rj – once the millstone is firmly around their necks – you can bet your ass Republicans will do everything in their power to lower those rates again.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    rj: The “let it burn” group generally wants to let it burn, not because they hate America, but because they want Americans to see what the policies of the left can do.

    The Democrats lie, however. They won’t take credit for the fiscal cliff. They won’t own results. In fact, they will say they opposed the fiscal cliff and only GOP intransigence caused it. The fiscal cliff, after all, was designed by Republicans.

    I see the logic of “let it burn” but I don’t support it if Democrats are able to act outraged at the arson and blame it on conservatives.

    “Let it burn” only makes sense if it is clear that Democrats are the arsonists. Going over the cliff will give the Democrats deniability and will make it easy to blame the inevitable recession on the GOP. The media will make Democrats look like heroes and conservatives like evil wreckers.

    I don’t care about the Republican Party but going over the cliff will just make more Americans turn away from fiscal conservatism. There has to be a vote and the Democrats have to own the results.

  9. rj says:

    Nota, maybe but class warfare sticks in my craw.

  10. James says:

    Leftists who have been supporting bad policies for years must suffer. And it must be clear their behavior caused the problem.

    I know a “let it burn” guy whose reasoning is a near future collapse will destroy less capital. As time passes, capital is accreted under political control from private hands. Therefore a far future collapse leaves not much to rebuild with, assuming private capital has a better chance of preservation.

  11. R.D. Walker says:

    An interesting and not illogical position. It is risky, however, because Argentina has been letting it burn for a while but it hasn’t stopped the government from consuming private capital.

  12. rj says:

    RD maybe option A is better, but even if the pubs give them the rich tax raise there is gonna be a crash.

    Moodys aint gonna give a shit if they raise taxes on the rich and dont make some big cuts regardless if it is dmes or pubs raising the tax they are gonna down grade our rating cause it is obvious no one is willing to take steps necessary to start fixing the problems, just put a bandaid on a severed artery.

    Dems are gonna blame pubs for the downgrade likely they will say the cause the increase on the rich was not big enough

    I believe it is a lose lose for us and dems know it.

  13. notamobster says:

    RJ – Our credit rating means fuckall these days. The Federal Reserve is the single-largest net purchaser of US Govt debt by an enormous margin! We’re debauching the currency anyway.

    Our interest rates will stay at or near zero until they ride the dollar into oblivion or external forces drop it’s use (petrodollar) as the world’s reserve. If /when that happens, we’re fucked anyway.

    The Fed knows this, all too well.

  14. rj says:

    Nota, I saw the Geithner story on American Thinker.

    I agree, I’m turning my savings into foodstuffs, a new 5.56 rifle and loading equipment and ssupplies,

    dollar is gonna be worth less than ever before in history…