There’s More To This Story

Paula Broadwell claims that she is sorry – no, make that ‘Devastated – because of what her affair with General Petraeus has done to her family. Methinks she should have thought of her family before lifting her hemline. It’s her doing.

But something has been bothering me about the biography of Petraeus that she ‘Wrote’. That is the inclusion of the name Vernon Loeb on the cover as co-writer.

The New York Daily News calls him Broadwell’s ghostwriter. They’re not the only ones either. Forbes and the Washington Post also refer to him as ‘Ghostwriter’.

If Broadwell did not write the book what exactly was her function? In spite of Loeb’s contention that he didn’t know about the affair was it planned from the beginning that she seduce Petraeus? If so, for what reason?

There is more to this story.

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2 Responses to There’s More To This Story

  1. messup says:

    Not much different than Bill Ayers “ghostwriting” Obama’s memoirs. New Left are pretty much “cut from the same cloth.”

    Patreaus, in many peoples opinion, is responsible for DA/DT going up in flames. Now, sodomizing, raping, sexual behaviour beyond the pale of good taste and rampant “fraternizing” in all military is the “new norm.”

    Now, getting a “pay check” and freebies is reason enough to join US’s Armed Forces. Another form of welfare? How’s about them Generals in and around the pentagon just hangin’ around to draw a paycheck and pensions!!! HUH!!! A real joke!
    Then anyone is surprised they too “do the hokey-pokey!”

  2. Roy Ryder says:

    The fact that Broadwell had been a frequent guest of the White House is interesting as well. Perhaps she was a Honey Trap put out by the White House to keep a leash on an increasingly independant head of the CIA?