Have a heaping helping of self-loathing this Thanksgiving

MSNBC wants you to know that you are a shallow human being, that traditional American culture is criminal and that you don’t deserve anything you have.

This is how the other America thinks, Revoistas. I now return you to Reality, already in progress.

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16 Responses to Have a heaping helping of self-loathing this Thanksgiving

  1. BrunDawg says:

    Gratitude is consistent with someone getting a job in public speaking who has a speech impediment.

  2. Jim22 says:

    She’s an ugly woman trying to spread ugliness to others. I will give thanks to God on Thanksgiving day. I will give thanks that I was born into the greatest nation in the history of the world. I will be thankful that my family is healthy and has enough.

    I will not give thanks for the likes of Missy. She is a spoiler and a hater. We already have too many of those. I do not give thanks for those who do without because of their own doing.

  3. notamobster says:

    F-king awesome,BrunDawg!!!

    Gratitude is wholly consistent with destroying all things American, when you are a godless communist.

    I really wish these people would just come out and fight instead of the constant incremental attack on all things American.

    Retarded wench. This is why I didn’t sit in a proper classroom in college but chose military satellite courses, instead. This self-loathing drivel makes me want to hurt people. Typical marxist revolutionary history lesson here.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Is there anything more annoying than this sort of post-modern idiocy? It is raw know-nothingism. Where to start?

    1) No human being alive today has any responsibility for what happened or didn’t happen at Plymouth Plantation in the 17th century. Duh.

    2) The natives didn’t have any damned corner on decency, nobility or humanity. They were perfectly willing to kill and take whatever land they could get and often did. They were every bit as greedy and violent as Europeans. If they had guns, germs and steel on their side, you can damn well bet they would have conquered and colonized Europe.

    3) Applying the social standards of Julia’s new, feminine, gay-friendly, socialist, nanny state to the hardtack world of the 17th century takes a special kind of willful, hurricane force jackassery.

    4) When the vast majority of Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, they won’t be giving thanks for, or even a thought to, Plymouth Plantation. That isn’t what Thanksgiving is about in 2012.

    5) This sort of shit has been puked out by scrunts like this woman now for decades. It isn’t cutting edge, it isn’t avant-garde, it isn’t even interesting. It is just warmed over, 50 year old, leftist, relativistic horseshit spread about to be lapped up by idiots.

  5. Pat says:

    60 years have passed in my life, and I have seen much. There was a time (my 20s) I would have rah rah(ed) this commentator, but reality has descended upon me.

    I have been unemployed for the past several months. I am into my 401, so don’t worry; I won’t be competing for anyone’s welfare, foodstamps, et al. I thank Obama and his dismally failed economic policies for forcing early retirement.

    My main point is this.

    I will not apologize for dragging myself out of poverty as a child and earning a six figure income. I will not apologize for putting myself through college to do just that (that GI bill was pretty inadequate in 1972).

    I will not apologize for being white, and I neither have nor had slaves 150 years ago.

    I will not apologize for believing in American values and American patriotism.

    I will not apologize for believing that the Constitution is the most incredible and wonderful document of all time. It is NOT outdated, however people like this beotch on the video would like to see it gone.

    I will not stay silent, and will fight until my last breath against anyone destroying America, her Constitution, and her greatness.

    I will not apologize for my religious or political beliefs.

    God Bless America, and the Republic.

  6. AW Mens says:

    I am deeply thankful I can say with great conviction and verve “fuck that misguided guilt obsessed bitch” and have 49% of the country I live in agree with me.
    That leftist twat is not going to ruin my Thanksgiving.

  7. Bman says:

    I get tired of shits like this painting a picture into the morons’ mind that before Europeans came here, that this was a paradise. That the indians all played nicely together, had plenty to eat, were never sick and never died. It was always 78 degrees and unicorns danced over the rainbow skies. Nope. Life was grand before white man.

  8. Matt says:

    Ah yes, pre-white man, the indians enjoyed an entirely blissful existence, for all 35 – 40 years of their expected lifespan.

  9. dukka says:

    What a rotten bitch..trying to ruin 43 years of what I was taught in a 1970’s era public school system. Shame on her and that god awful network.

  10. James says:

    Another hyphenated POS race divider.

  11. xenicalman says:

    Manifest Destiny is one of my favorite Early American policies.

    The happy pilgrim scene did not show roasted human on the menu,

    One the many benefits derived from that policy was the abolition of cannibalism among the Native Americans.

  12. Jim22 says:


    No other movie has aver illustrated tribal warfare the way this one did. Even this film was phony. A man trying to save his pregnant wife and his child – at the expense of his own life – reeks of modern-day priorities.

  13. Jim22 says:

    BTW, Missy would not have lived as long as she has.

  14. fubar says:

    illegal immigrants sucking off the teat of tax paying producers = good

    pilgrims carving a civilization out of the wildnerness = bad

  15. BaconNeggs says:

    Jim, yes its true Mel Gibson did take a little bit of Artistic license by making a happy ending – a tribal warrior risking all, to save his wife and child. Its sentimental and heart warming but who can say that it would never had happened.

    Apocalypto should be required viewing by all who really want to learn what “native” life was like in those “good ole” days.

    The main problem with many critical of Thanksgiving and (European colonization of foreign lands), is their misguided judging people from the past by the standards of today. People around the world were simply much more savage and brutal than they are today.

    Yet the deluded lean towards the idealistic view that the poor natives all lived in sweetness and harmony before the White man came along and subjugated them.

    Apocalypto smashes these illusions to pieces and I thank Mel Gibson for making Apocalypto and shocking some people to their senses.