EBT Cards Quit Working For Several Hours On November 16

There has been a lot of discussion about the possibility of street violence being triggered by the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards someday ceasing to work. EBT cards are the electronic replacement for Food Stamps. They are effectively debit cards issued to the indigent. The state electronically deposits their benefits in the individual’s EBT account each month.

EBT cards stopped working for several hours in some eastern states. The state of Florida was one of them. The Florida DCF (Department of Children and Families) Twitter site recorded the event. It all happened because of a ‘glitch’ at their bank, JP Morgan Chase.

There are tinfoil hat sites where they are saying that this was a practice run for the plan to cut off EBT benefits in order to incite riots. They are saying things like:

Why is all this important to understand? Because on the day the EBT cards are shut off, there will be mass riots of EBT card recipients who are suddenly thrust into an emergency.

In fact, shutting off the EBT cards is actually one way to initiate a false flag event in America. It works like this:

1) Purposely shut off all EBT cards. (Takes just two seconds at JP Morgan.)

2) Blame it on a cyber terrorist attack and use the crisis to institute harsh new police state controls over the internet. (“Never let a good crisis go to waste…”)

3) Allow the “EBT riots” to unfold. Keep the National Guard away for long enough to let things get out of control and have scary footage broadcast on the evening news.

4) Once things are bad enough, announce Martial Law and bring in the troops to turn America’s streets into a Nazi-style police state surveillance and enforcement system, complete with TSA-run checkpoints on all major roads.

What’s required to make this happen? Nothing more than turning off the EBT cards for 72 hours. That’s it! It’s just a single change to a single line of code at JP Morgan Chase, and it’s mission accomplished for the globalists.

Yesterday’s EBT outage, in fact, may have been a practice run for the real thing. When the globalists want riots to unfold, they now have the tool to make it happen.”

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10 Responses to EBT Cards Quit Working For Several Hours On November 16

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Everybody needs to understand that pulling off a thing like this is 100% impossible. At least a thousand people would know how the cards were turned off. Hundreds would know how to turn them back on. Anyone involved in the conspiracy would panic at the thought of being discovered as it started to leak. The rats would bail out by the dozens.

    Seriously, folks. Large scale conspiracies can’t work because of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. They just don’t. Those involved squeal like pigs at the first sign of danger.

    The conspiracy theory above might as well weave in fluoridation, Building 7 and Roswell New Mexico. It wouldn’t reduce its credibility.

  2. Jim22 says:

    I know, RD. The thing we need to understand, though, is that there are a bunch of people who are salivating over the prospect of an eruption of urban violence.

    They are willing to do what they can to encourage it and to get others to do so as well. This writer faithfully quotes Ron Paul in the article as well.

    Paul has many followers who believe this stuff. They are not alone, either. From what I have observed they are from neither the left nor the right. I’ve known far left and far right people who are adamant about fluoridation, chemtrails, etc.

    I think it’s important to be aware of what they are saying.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    Good point.

  4. EastBayLarry says:

    Alternatively the EBT cards could be turned off by the impact of a ‘fiscal cliff’ drying up the funds.
    It would be Bush’s fault of course.

  5. whosebone says:

    at this point im beginning to believe anything is possible with this illegal regime

  6. fubar says:

    witnessed a woman in a flagger’s vest trying to make a purchase at a convenience store with her EBT card one day. When she was $3.00 short, she proceeded to go into hysterics and physically threaten the clerk – instead of just putting something back.

  7. Bman says:

    I wonder when they will have an EBT app. on the smartphone…..

  8. RJM says:

    Probably start in the California Socialist Republic and spread east. I don’t think it will be conspiracy by any group. California will bust the bank and come to crashing collapse and have to close their social progams

  9. PISSED says:

    G’mornin Jim22,

    I had gotten an email to the natural news article and also did a post on this EBT possiblity. I think that this current administration is capable of anything going forward. That being said I am not wearing my tinfoil and I try do a good job of vetting things like this. I have been told to be wary of the alex jones stuff. Who else do you consider to be “tin foil” quality to keep an eye on?

    That being said, nothing will surprise me in the current political climate we are in.


  10. Jim22 says:


    As I said above I think the ‘Government is out to get us’ groups are into tinfoil. That includes those who believe that fluoride in our drinking water is a government plot, that airliners are spraying us with chemtrails for some reason, etc..

    You may be right about this government planning insidious things. One of them may be the EBT shut down. But until I see evidence of it I am putting it in the ‘Curious but unlikely’ category.

    I have no doubt that Mr. Obama and his followers are working to destroy the American economy so they can rebuild it into a socialist/communist/fascist paradise. That, we have learned from history, is how they operate.

    I’m not yet buying the ‘orchestrated violence’ argument, though. But, I think it is important to know what others are saying… just in case I’m wrong.