Obama: You Don’t Even Exist, White Man

Obama’s ‘Constituency Groups’ Checklist Offers No Options for Whites or Men?

(CNSNews.com) – Fresh off his reelection, President Barack Obama is asking his supporters to complete a survey that asks the people being polled to check off which “constituency groups” they identify with – there are 22 groups listed but not one for “whites” or “men.”

The post-election survey, distributed through www.barackobama.com to “take this organization forward,” includes the question, “Which constituency groups do you identify yourself with? Select all that apply.” It then lists 22 groups.

But whites and men are not on the list – women are, as are African Americans, Arab-Americans, Latinos and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

Other “constituency groups” include “Educators,” “Environmentalists,” “Labor,” “Students,” “People with disabilities,” and “Youth.”



Also as an option: “People of faith,” “Small business owners,” “Seniors,” “Veterans/military families,” and “Young Professionals.”


The survey also requires Obama supporters to identify their gender as either “male,” “female,” or “other/no answer.”

“Your hard work and passion defined this campaign and re-elected President Obama,” the survey reads.  “Now, we’re counting on you to help take this organization forward as we continue our work beyond 2012.”

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7 Responses to Obama: You Don’t Even Exist, White Man

  1. dukka says:

    I”m sure they debated adding “Middle Aged White Racist Tea Bagger” then thought just leave them off.

  2. Uke says:

    The survey also requires Obama supporters to identify their gender as either “male,” “female,” or “other/no answer.”

    I find it rather off-putting that we have come to this point in society, where we casually accept people to self-identify as “other” when someone asks whether they are male or female.

    It used to be one of the simplest ****ing answers on ANY questionnaire. Now? The question is asked and a philosophical discussion ensues.

    I recognize that there are genetic anomalies that result in a generally female phenotype and a male genotype (or vice versa), but the occurrence of such a thing is SO rare as to make “other” a ridiculously irrelevant option on a questionnaire. After all, the question is what ARE you. The question is not what you wish to be, or what gender’s “soul” you kinda sorta think you might possess.

  3. Bman says:

    No shit Uke. What ARE you? How simple can it get?

    A little off topic here, but that got me thinking, (and don’t ask me why) when athiests are going to start challenging the date because it of it’s direct correlation of the birth of Christ.

  4. Slaphappypap says:

    Did it have a checkable box for “street pharmacist”?

  5. MadBrad says:

    Just an observation. I was getting messages from Michelle Obama, Jim Messina and Stephanie Cutter in the months leading up to the Election and 3 different messages on Election Night itself. After Obama declared Victory, not even a single message of thanks. Of course I didn’t do anything for them to be thankful about but yet another mass e-mailing should have been expected. Nope, as soon as the Election was over, the e-mail was over.

  6. xenicalman says:

    They already are challenging the date: More and more you are seeing “CE”,”Common Era” ( since 1708), and “Current Era”(Since 1856) used in place of AD & BC. There is another way the God haters list a date and that is by using the designation BCE which means “Before the Common Era”.

    Progressive schools have eliminated AD and BC all together.
    Maybe we could change even that by using “BSL” (Before Sanity Lost) to define dates that follow 2012.
    “BO” (before obama) would work just fine too.