RCP: “Why Democrats Are in Trouble”

This is a wise observation. Democrats are in trouble after the 2012 election because they have to produce what they have been promising. William Murchison notes in Real Clear Politics that they have told the American voters that they could perform magic. But they can’t. What they are doing is hurting the economy – badly. The young people who bought into the left’s promises will understand that they are being hurt.

Most of them will not find employment because new jobs are not being created and because older, more qualified workers are being laid off and will be competing with them for the same opportunities.

Shall we try socialism? What a great idea — Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela as our models and pole stars! Ought to be an effective formula for weight loss.

A continuing problem with left-wingery — a problem not grasped by some of the analysts — is that it doesn’t work. Socialists, as Maggie Thatcher astutely observed, always run out of other people’s money. They can’t replace it of course with their own. Socialism isn’t about creating wealth; it’s about grabbing someone else’s.”

Obama’s second term is going to be difficult; not just for conservatives, either. We will lose some civil rights, we will suffer through difficult economic times, there may be a new war. Enemies invariably choose to attack when you are at your weakest. But, Murchison thinks the left will destroy itself, and it just might if we help them.

Republicans need to cheer up. It always hurts to lose a vital election: for instance, the one immediately past. And yet to victors sometimes belongs something more depressing than spoils; namely, the obligation to make good on lame, idiotic promises. Might we hold the national obituaries pending proof that the 2012 outcome was the will of the gods?

In the short run, what about a little indignant and forceful resistance, according to the American tradition, as exemplified 70 years ago by “Uncle Joe” Stilwell while the Allies reeled from a near knock-out by the Japanese? “I claim we got a hell of a beating,” Joe told the press. “We got run out of Burma and it is humiliating as hell. I think we ought to find out what caused it, go back and retake it.” And you know what? We did just that.”

We are supposed to be the party of the people who kick ass and take names. I found this article to be uplifting.

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13 Responses to RCP: “Why Democrats Are in Trouble”

  1. BrunDawg says:

    They never have delivered value. My expectation is they go bat-shit crazy trying it their way.
    “Jesse Jackson Jr. to resign within the hour”

  2. Tony says:

    In his day LBJ was more liberal then Obama. 4 years after his election and the implementation of his Great Society, he did so poorly in the New Hampshire primary he threw in the towel.

  3. Dave J says:

    Sorry Jim i dont agree. These folks are too stupid to understand why they are being hurt and why socialism wont work. They will blame repub obstructionism and insist on more government spending to fix “the problem”…..take Geithner’s statements this week for example.

  4. notamobster says:

    Dave J – Geithner absolutely understands! He knows that the system is fucked – so why not go balls to the wall before it implodes.

  5. Jim22 says:

    Dave J,

    Which folks are you referring to? American voters, high ranking members of the Democrat party? Republicans?

    If you are referring to voters I’m not sure they will put up with the ‘Worst economy since the great depression’ getting even worse.

    If you’re referring to high ranking Dems I think Notamobster has it right. They know what they are doing and that socialism won’t work. They want to institute controls over the people to control them before the economic bottom falls out.

    If you mean Republicans you may be right – right now. They are confused and pointing fingers at each other. But, before long a new bunch of leaders can and should emerge. We should learn that liberal-light candidates always lose.

    Something will emerge from the rubble. It will take some painful experiences to turn around the thinking of the voting public.

    Romney lost but not in a landslide. He really was a poor candidate. That is evident in the fact that fewer GOP voters turned out in 2012 than in 2008 for McCain.

    He also, it seems, wasn’t as good a manager as he told us he was. The fact that he put so much hope in getting out the vote with his ORCA program and then let it go to hell from poor attention to detail indicates poor attention to detail. It worked right up to election day and then crashed.

    I think conservatives should be looking for a new, conservative leader. Now is the time to begin planning for the future.

  6. Doc says:

    Jim22-Just an observation-Dems have been doing the UNTHINKABLE the last several years, IMHO. Then they thumb their noses @ America, & simply don’t care. It’ll take something drastic to stop this trend…

  7. serfer62 says:

    Boehner was just reelected as Speaker.
    There are NO Tea Party people in leadership.
    With the above, why do we need a Kommiecrat party?

  8. James says:

    Stupid people see all this stuff in the world and are frustrated because “the rich” resist letting them have it. They don’t quite understand we made all this stuff to SELL, not give away.

  9. Greg B says:

    Our representatives cannot keep dropping the frikking ball.
    Case in point:
    While they head home for the Thanksgiving holiday, who HERE doesn’t think Clinton might just resign and zero just sticks Rice in there while every one is not looking?
    If I could think of it, don’t think the pinkos couldn’t either.

  10. Jim22 says:

    “After all ballots were counted since the election, Romney has since exceeded McCain’s count.”


    McCain was the weakest candidate I can remember – even weaker than Dole. Romney gave him a good run for the title.

    I know you were in Romney’s camp, RD. All of us were to one extent or another. I certainly was. The goal was to defeat Obama. Romney didn’t do that. Part of why he didn’t was the failure of ORCA. Another part was that he was no fiscal conservative. Another was his religion.

    He didn’t have the conservative/libertarian voters. They either stayed home or voted for someone else.

    Truth be told there was no excitement for him from the right; especially the far right. He didn’t even pursue their votes. How else to you explain things like this?


    or this:


  11. messup says:

    Instead of GOP/RNC focusing on 2014, they CYA’s, debating 2008 and 2012 Presidential election losses. It’s a waste of time. Was Romney a left-of-center candidate? YES!!! Was McCain a left-of-center candidate?YES!! Was Obama a left-of-center candidate? YES!! What’s the difference???HUH???Go with the one you got (Obama!!!)

    Need Proof? 2010!!!Right-of-center!!! Everything TeaPartiers did to win both House (and a jolly good try)Senate, Obama replicated for 2012…with heavy emphasis on ALL Media(talk shows, photo shoots, pizza parlors, beer fests, et al), AND social media ( a Dream Team headed by Harper Reed on:DashBoard;The Call Tool;FaceBook Blaster; and Nazwhal). GOP/RNC???Had a 1950’s outdated “groundgame.” Priebus’ favorite statement.

    Then there’s the granddaddy of them all Karl Rove(his white board), and a host of parasites all part and parcel of We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC…where are the Tea Partiers? “The Young Guns?” The up and rising “elite team” of tech savvy Republicans? Look to the colleges and universities…shuck this moldy, parasite ridden GOP/RNC outdated, grandfather, top-down, “command-and-control” GOP.

    Besides… Romney had a history of more than 20 “flip-flops” of which Axelrod focused on only five or six…if Axelrod had focused on all 20 (or so) Romney would have been toast as Gingrich had exposed in the primaries.

    GOP/RNC 2 losses (2008/2012) X 1 win (2010)Tea Party (teavangelicals). Go with the winning team…Tea Party will win the World Cup (2014 and shoot-out in 2016). Pray. Amen.