And now the cover-up of the cover-up

No progress on Benghazi and the MSM yawns.

It now looks as though the White House’s excuse for the pre-election Libya cover-up is itself a cover up. Last week we were told by the Administration (and the compliant media) that during her now-infamous round robin of five Sunday news shows, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was only telling us what she was told by the intelligence community. We were also told that references to al-Qaeda were edited out of the talking points in order to avoid tipping off the attackers that we were on to them. According to a number of CBS News’ sources, this simply isn’t true.

There will never be a break through. We know what we know but don’t expect any satisfaction. There will never be consequences. They ran out the clock until election day and now it is over.

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2 Responses to And now the cover-up of the cover-up

  1. Oldgeekgal says:

    We WILL NEVER Accept This Illegal Election! We Have the Right to FAIR ELECTIONS & Will Not Give This Up By Allowing Voter Fraud and Our Military Votes Given Up!

  2. Notamobster says:

    You’re right RD. just like fast n furious, there will be no accountability for the dead Americans in benghazi.