Preppers Vindicated: Part 1

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

Part 1

May 6th, 0634: It would seem there is something going on in New York this morning.

Several hundred people fell ill near Times Square early this morning in what authorities are calling a possible terrorist attack. Several dozen became ill after visiting a coffee shop and a bakery. Authorities are not releasing details but a report from an unnamed source at Bellevue Hospital indicates there have been several deaths.

Clearly, something is up. This is worth keeping an eye on.

May 6th, 0844: They are now reporting that whatever is making people sick in New York is spreading.

Thousands of people in midtown New York have fallen ill due to what authorities are now calling a terrorist attack. Police are blocking off whole blocks and people are being told to stay in their homes and businesses with doors and windows closed.

This is serious folks.

May 6th, 1043: Holy shit! Now they are saying a similar situation is underway in San Francisco. People with the same symptoms are falling ill in that city. They are saying people are going into respiratory shock, suffering intense coughing attacks and literally dropping dead. It sounds like it is a choking agent or, God forbid, a biological agent.

May 6th, 1129: It is time to start praying. Fox News is now reporting similar events in Minneapolis and Houston. The governor of New York, after consulting with the CDC is ordering tunnels and bridges into NYC shut down. That sounds to me like a biological attack, not a chemical weapon.

Fox is reporting that the president is going to make a live address at 1:00 pm Eastern…

May 6th, 1202: Okay, CNN says a group calling itself the Islamic Tide has claimed responsibility. My God, they are claiming that it is a weaponized influenza virus and has been released in hundred American cities!

May 6th, 1344: It is a terrorist attack alright and it is a contagious biological weapon. The president has ordered quarantines in New York, California and Houston. Reports are spotty out of New York but Fox reported that there indications there have been hundreds of deaths. The POTUS ordered all domestic aircraft grounded just like during 9/11 and said there are more travel restrictions to be announced.

I just saw video of soldiers in full MOPP – gas mask and chemical protective gear – setting up roadblocks in New Jersey. People are being told to stay home. I am leaving my office and heading back to my house and my wife is picking up the kid at school.

May 6th, 1603: CDC just confirmed that it is a virus, it causes illness after exposure faster than any previously known virus. Some news sites are saying it is contagious and it is deadly in at least 20% of cases… so far! Current stocks of vaccines, evidently, do not protect against this strain. My God.

May 6th, 1655: My local news just showed video of panic shopping at local grocery stores. It is like Black Friday except it is groceries, not TVs flying off the shelves. From the video I saw, the shelves are already empty. I think they are going to stay that way too. POTUS just ordered the suspension of all interstate trucking and, in fact, all interstate travel not part of the emergency effort. Fuck. My neighbor is in Oklahoma on business. How the hell is he going to get home?

Folks, you if you aren’t stocked up, you better go get what you can. This shit is getting real.

Coming Up: Part 2

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13 Responses to Preppers Vindicated: Part 1

  1. notamobster says:

    This is possibly the worst scenario of them all.

    A deadly, quick-acting, fast-spreading viral attack. Freaky-shit! It makes mincemeat of any plans of grouping together (at least until they’ve been through quarantine which could be days or weeks depending upon incubation).

    Can’t wait to read more!

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Yeah, my intention here is to try to put forth a realistic scenario and kind of work through the outcome. I have a story line in my head already.

    You know, it wouldn’t have to be a bio attack. It could just be a naturally occurring pandemic flu. That would be more slow motion, however. It would give non preppers a chance to prep. As you can already see, in my scenario, if you didn’t prep you are probably SOL.

  3. TN-Cat says:

    Shit! I skipped the first line until I got through the first few posts. My heart is still in my throat.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Damn. Sorry man. I just made the first line bold.

  5. TN-Cat says:

    Great writing RD.

  6. rj says:

    good writing RD, just think it could be spread via one airline hub many flights to major metro areas and instant SHTF

  7. DocO says:

    In the case of a garden variety killer influenza like the Spanish Flu, late preppers may still be screwed.

    Grocery stores only have 2 days to a a few weeks of most supplies on their shelves.

    Any disruptions in the supply chain would stop shelves from being restocked.

    From the Wikipedia Pages about the Spanish Flu, we can see that even back in the relatively less fragile and interdependent days of 1918-1920, vital services did shut down due to the flu.

    “Devastated communities

    Even in areas where mortality was low, so many were incapacitated that much of everyday life was hampered. Some communities closed all stores or required customers to leave orders outside. There were reports that the health-care workers could not tend the sick nor the gravediggers bury the dead because they too were ill. Mass graves were dug by steam shovel and bodies buried without coffins in many places.[57]”

  8. sortahwitte says:

    Great scenario. Immediate consequences. Immediate response needed. Time to prep? Nope. Times up.

    Back to the present. Time to prep? Yes. Turn off the computer and get after it. Now.

  9. Notamobster says:

    Ah, but where to get water, my brother sorta? πŸ™‚

  10. Fubar says:

    tamiflu is something to stock up on. this is how it works:

    right at your door is a good movie

  11. notamobster says:

    “Right at your door” shows one of the many possible outcomes of being a mindless sheep. Freaky stuff.

  12. sortahwitte says:

    My brother Nota and I had a long conversation about water.
    How much do you need?
    Where do you store it?
    How do you store it?
    How do you keep it from growing pond scum?
    Will a gallon a day per person do it?
    Do you need any for that dehydrated food?
    Most of that canned food needs water added to it, too.
    You can go without food a lot longer than water.

    Start thinking about questions. The answers are available.

  13. Debbie says:

    People need to wake up and get some emergency preparedness done. Disasters are happening all around us. Being prepared is not the governments job. It starts with you.