Fracking Awesome!

There is one shred of hope for the future. Naturally, the Obama Administration wants to crush it.

If there’s been one consistent thread running through the U.S. economic story since 2008, it’s been the steady drumbeat of gloom.

Outright recession or sub-standard growth, stubbornly high unemployment and fiscal crises have been the topics du jour when it comes to the world’s biggest economy.

But now an unlikely champion for U.S. growth under the Obama administration has emerged — a former adviser to a Republican Party presidential candidate and Harvard history professor, Niall Ferguson, who says America could actually be heading toward a new economic “golden age.”

And it has nothing to do with Washington and everything to do with energy.

Hydraulic Fracking is an absolute game changer with the potential to produce centuries of low cost, abundant, low greenhouse gas producing energy making America energy independent.

Naturally, the Obama Administration is thinking about crushing this last, best hope for America.

The drilling process that has brought U.S. energy independence within reach faces renewed scrutiny from the Obama administration and an uncertain future in many states.

The completed EPA study won’t be finished until 2014, but the draft will provide an early indication to which energy path the Obama administration will take in the next four years.

Many in the energy sector, along with congressional Republicans, fear the report will paint fracking in a negative light and give the White House political cover for cracking down on it in the name of science, something environmentalists have hoped for since Mr. Obama came into office in 2009.

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3 Responses to Fracking Awesome!

  1. rj says:

    Yea there are lots of recoverable gas and oil assets using fracking tech. If they were smart they would get outta the way and reap the tax benefits of increased production not to mention the economic growth the energy boom would give us.

    The problem in their eyes is individual wealth created for those who lease mineral rights from their private property.

    Just like they used price controls and are currently using EPA regs and intend to use estate tax to control farms and food production.

    Can’t have any of that nasty old wealth for the commoners, can’t have any old low brow being able to get ahead in the rat race, gotta demonize fracking to the point it gets shut down and ends any benefit for any company to invest in enegry production that is not green payola.

    Then and only then can gov take over energy production in the nationalize it and control it.

    Just think of the billions in reserve in federal lands production for future exploytation by gov, for gov.

    Control food growth and distribution, control energy production and use, control the population. END GAME accomplished.

  2. notamobster says:

    It’s all about control, folks. They don’t want American energy independence. They don’t want economic recovery. They don’t want us to prosper. They want America to be brought to her knees in an economic version of no child left behind.

    If you want to see what the EPA report on fracking will look like – take a look at this new Matt Damon flick. It was bought & paid for by a large OPEC member state (with a huge interest in not-seeing American energy independence) :