It is against the law to ask your doctor that…

Under Obamacare, asking your doctor certain questions is illegal. A doctor explains.

I have now posted a notice in my office and each exam room stating exactly what Obamacare will cover for those yearly visits. Remember Obama promised this as a free exam — no co-pay, no deductible, no charge. That’s fine and dandy if you are healthy and have no complaints. However, we are obligated by law to code specifically for the reason of the visit. An annual exam is one specific code; you can not mix this with another code, say, for rectal bleeding. This annual visit covers the exam and “discussion about the status of previously diagnosed stable conditions.” That’s the exact wording under that code — insurance will not cover any new ailment under that code.

If you are here for that annual exam, you will not be covered if you want to discuss any new ailment or unstable condition. I cannot bait and switch to another code — that’s illegal. We, the physicians, are audited all the time and can lose our license for insurance fraud.

You, the patient, will then have to make a decision.

On the other hand, your doctor will be required to ask you if you wear seat belts and record your answer. It’s the law.

There is always free cheese in mousetraps.

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9 Responses to It is against the law to ask your doctor that…

  1. notamobster says:

    Record my answer:

    Doc: “Do you wear your seatbelt?”

    Me: “Mind your own f-king business, Doc.”

  2. fubar says:

    my doctor must have gone to Obamacare University. Been going to her for about the past 5 yrs and she asks how many guns we have in the house (thousands!) and how much milk we drink and the seat belt question. she also never addresses more then what you made the appointment for. so nothing new here.

    we’re searching for a blackmarket doctor. we already found a dentist who makes appts 9:30 at nite. suweet

  3. notamobster says:

    “she also never addresses more then what you made the appointment for. ”

    Make a lot of Dr appt’s about your guns and seat belts, do ya?

    If my doctor ever asked me about how many guns I have in my house, I would tell him/her: “Fuck off. You no longer have my business.”

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    This has promise…

  5. notamobster says:

    From their site:

    We saw the Arab Spring bring down governments, we have seen Occupy Wall Street grab global attention, now we are about to launch the “SHARE HEALTH CARE” movement.



    I like the idea. I also like the idea of using a webcam to see the doctor. He could charge a fee, and only see you (skype, etc) after you’ve paid your fee. He could send your prescription directly to your pharmacy. No more waiting rooms. No more getting sick, by sitting in an incubator with 15 sick people.

    Quick, easy, almost no overhead for the doctor. If the doc sees 100 people a day, for $25. That’s a pretty good living.

    He could enjoy his life, take calls on his smart phone (iPhone – facetime, etc).

  6. R.D. Walker says:

    Well, Obamacare is such a kludged up dog’s breakfast of a piece of legislation, there is bound to be a lot of this. I gotta tell you, if I had, say, a sinus infection and wanted to see a doctor, and had two choices…

    1) $10 copay and I can see you at 10:15 in four days at which time you will sit in my waiting room for 90 minutes and then be subjected to mandates of Obamacare or…

    2) $100 cash and I can see you in a half an hour at 1:00, at 3:30 or at 5:30 and you will be in and out in 15 minutes….

    I know it would be #2 for me every time.

  7. R.D. Walker says:

    What if cash-only or concierge practices become so common that you almost can’t find a doctor willing to accept Obamacare?

    The collapse of Obamacare, that’s what.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    My wife suggested that Indian reservations start insurance companies, clinics and hospitals. Sort of like they did with casinos. As sovereign nations, they aren’t subject to the same laws. We all go there for heart surgery and so forth. It would be a big win for the tribes and a chance for people to dodge Obamacare.

    I told her the Bureau of Indian Affairs would probably squash the idea, but I like the way she thinks.

  9. notamobster says:

    Most folks don’t need to see the doctor in person, anyway.

    I like the way she thinks, too. I’m sure there is some rules committee – unelectable & unaccountable – to prevent such subversion of the new ‘system’.


    I Swear I had my idea before I saw this…