Nudity always gets in the news….

Okay, here’s the plan. We go to Washington DC, go to Capitol Hill, get naked and demand other people’s money to fight one particular, eminently avoidable, sexual transmitted disease. Who’s with me?

Seven people entered House Speaker John Boehner’s office on Tuesday, stripped their clothes, and began chanting to protest anticipated budget cuts to HIV/AIDS programs if a deal is not reached to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” The protest ended with the arrest of three of the protesters, all women, for indecent exposure.

“We grabbed attention by illustrating the naked truth and by showing how people with AIDS have had, literally, all of the clothes off of their backs taken away by these guys in Congress,” one of the protesters, Jennifer Flynn, said.

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One Response to Nudity always gets in the news….

  1. Matt says:

    The foolproof methods for preventing HIV/AIDS have been well known for three decades now, so funding for HIV/AIDS prevention is not the issue. What these Sandra Fluke-ites are demanding is funding for research that will allow them the freedom to enjoy promiscuity without suffering any of the attendant and entirely preventable consequences.