GQ Names Romney Least Influential Person of the Year

I find this shocking! I mean, holy smokes! That metrosexual rag is still in print? Seriously?

Apparently, Mitt Romney hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. Romney has gone from being one of only two men vying to be president to being named the least influential person of 2012 by GQ.

Mitt Romney beat out such luminaries as Amanda Bynes, Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Lance Armstrong, Madonna, and George Zimmerman to win the title of GQ’s Least Influential Person of 2012.

Golly, I would have thought the least influential person of the year would have been whoever was in charge of security for the consulate in Benghazi.

For that matter, I am pretty sure that the anti-Islam movie maker now in jail in California had no influence on anything, anywhere in the world.

Ultimately, however, I would say the editor of GQ is the least influential person in the world.

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3 Responses to GQ Names Romney Least Influential Person of the Year

  1. TN-Cat says:

    Isn’t GQ the magazine that instructs their readers in “How to give yourself a better manicure so you can masterbate with a more attractive hand”?

  2. Bman says:

    That’s it. I’m boycotting GC. From this day forward, you will NEVER see me on the cover.

  3. Tatersalad says:

    Keeping hurricane Sandy, Benghazi and the deaths of servicemen in mind, read this article and then decide who it most reminds you of: