Preppers Vindicated: Part 6

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

The story up to this point can be found here.

May 12th, 0813: I got up to chop wood this morning and, while I was going about that, I heard a loud “howdy!” behind me. It was my neighbor a quarter mile to the north, Marv Ashbrook. Marv is a bachelor farmer, probably about 70 and he scared the living shit out of me. I jumped back, grabbed my Glock and told him to not come any closer. He seemed shocked and not a little hurt.

I apologized and told him that we had to keep apart so as not to infect each other. He said he understood but that he had been alone since things went bad. I told him that we should keep apart anyway. He agreed and told me that he wanted to slaughter a heifer but that he wasn’t up to it himself. He said that if Kent or I helped, we could take half the meat. He even offered up some half gallon Ball Jars and lids he said he had to can it. We discussed, um, shall we say current events and I said I would come up and let him know later in the day.

May 12th, 1059: We talked about and decided that since Marv is a known entity and a family friend for decades, he can be trusted to have kept himself isolated. Kent is going to go help with the beef and bring back whatever we are able to can in the number of big jars Marv can part with. He is going to take his car and head up later this afternoon. I am going to get back to chopping wood for the smoker.

May 12th, 1344: We heard on the radio today that the president has declared martial law and nationalized all National Guard units. Most of the units, however, are pretty devastated themselves. We also heard that the death rate is now at 15 percent and expected to rise to 20 percent or so. The only good news today is that people who survive, seem to recover fairly quickly and are thereafter immune. We keep listening to hear word of a vaccine. So far, we have heard nothing definitive.

It isn’t hard to see what is coming. People who have been sick and have recovered will be free to go about their lives and try to clean up the mess out in the world. Those of us who haven’t been exposed will have to stay quarantined or risk a 20 percent chance of dying when we do get sick. Until there is a vaccine, we are going to be trapped even as the world starts to heal. That sucks hard.

Kent just left to head up to Marv’s place.

May 12th, 1700: We heard a little more about what the martial law order means. Basically, all law enforcement has been nationalized and reports through the military chain of command. From what I can tell, all LEOs report through some sort of chain of command to the commanding general of the state’s National Guard. These CGs then report to the Pentagon or something. It is supposed to be a 90 day thing. It was a little vague on the radio. The point is that we are under military jurisdiction.

May 12th, 2220: Got the smoker going. It is amazing how much of the day is spent just preparing food.

Kent hasn’t come back yet. I am starting to get worried. So is his wife.

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5 Responses to Preppers Vindicated: Part 6

  1. notamobster says:

    Uh oh… Poor Kent. Hopefully, he’s a combat-tested Ranger with the bearing and situational awareness to keep from getting himself in a bind & defend himself if he does…

    {creepy music – duh. duh. duh}

    I moved the post up to the top. As much as folks are liking this series, I don’t want anyone to miss it.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    I have informed the Walker family that, while there are similarities, this is NOT our family. Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you know.

  3. notamobster says:

    That means you’re killing folks. πŸ™‚ I see what you did there.

  4. iahawkeye19 says:

    Huh…I always thought I’d be the first to go… haha just kidding πŸ™‚

  5. Debbie says:

    Nice story. Probably not too far off in the future.