The Language of Fuedalism

Leftists tend to use the language of a feudal lord. All property belongs to the state and you are allowed to keep it at their convenience. Corrupting the language softens resistance to their confiscatory plans. Here are some examples.

The mortgage interest rate deduction costs the government $100 billion a year.

This is nonsense. It doesn’t cost the government a cent.

We are asking high income Americans to contribute a little more.

There is no “ask” to it. It is a requirement under color of law and they will sieze it if you aren’t forthcoming.

The failure to expire the Bush Tax cuts represents a massive transfer of wealth to rich Americans.

There is no transfer from lower income to higher income Americans. By a huge margin, the net transfer is from the wealthy to the less wealthy. It isn’t even close.

We have to determine how we are going to pay for these tax cuts.

The only thing we have to determine how to pay for is spending.

All of this, of course, helps diminish crimethink in the new order.

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7 Responses to The Language of Fuedalism

  1. messup says:

    GOP/RNC “FAILURE” is repeating a left-of-center, progressive agenda…same as the far-left-of-center Democratic ticket and candidates. Is there proof of this? Yes there is:
    H.W. Bush (Read My Lips) 1989-1993
    G.W. Bush (Mission Accomplished, subprime loans)2001-2009
    J. McCain (“progressive maverick”) Presidential run 2008
    M. Romney (47%, flip-flop king) Presidential run 2012
    For 2016 fielding another Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio.

    If the GOP/RNC doesn’t want to save Our USA, wishes to continue down the path to:
    1) ever expanding government
    2) advocating higher wages
    3) public works, benefitting unions
    4) rising unemployment
    5) more and more crony-capitalism

    Results will be:
    1) rising number of Americans on welfare = 2012 4,300,000
    2) Americans on food stamps (SNAP)= 47,102,780
    3) Unemployed Americans = 5,600,000
    Total Govt. spending on welfare =$131.9 billion 2012.
    4) 14.9 million USA households receive (SNAP)
    5) 47 States reported increased enrollments
    6) 18 year olds are living with parents=up 17.9%
    7) General Assistance = 3.3 million or 2.9% of all USA households

    13 million poor kids in America
    -1 in 5 kids are poor
    -USA has the highest rate of poverty in the developed world.
    -2011 = 21 million children (USA) received lo-cost help
    -1/2 of USA single moms kids live in poverty.

    Credit Card debt in USA
    -2011 = $48 billion in new debt
    -This was 424% than in 2010
    -And this was even 577% greater than in 2009

    How, pray tell, is this path sustainable? Quantitative Easing can only go so far…fiat, funny money can’t last forever. Wake-up GOP/RNC…put a stop to this “tax-and-spend” craziness!!!Amen.

  2. rj says:

    words have meaning, and the leftist twist them to their benefit.

    I heard a kid in the radio talking to a local talk host one day, the issue was labor rights unionization type crap. All the kid could do was keep repeating was the company was “alianating him from his labor”
    it was just anther union/leftist talkingpoint used to convince the idiot workers that their labor was worth more than the benefit of their output in an effort to stir up a walkout

  3. fubar says:

    controlling the ‘language’ is all the easier with our dumbed down society with indoctrination schooling.

  4. Trent says:

    “This is nonsense. It doesn’t cost the government a cent.”

    I had someone who believed that tax cut “cost” the government money explain their logic to me one time. This was a smart guy, but his explanation was so illogical it hurt my brain. In a nutshell, he said that since the government agreed to spend that money, then it is obligated to the money, and therefore not taking it cost the government. I asked him if this model would work in any other situation, from business to negotiating with your wife. He couldn’t give me one other real world example where that would work.

  5. notamobster says:

    Nice piece of land you have here.

    We’re asking that you give us 3 of your 9 chickens, 1/3 of your crop yield, and 1/2 of any profits derived from any other source you’ve invested in – this to protect you and help your neighbors live at the same level you do. If you don’t agree, we will seize your home, your land, your crops, and your chickens and throw you in jail.

    It’s all terribly civilized.

  6. Uke says:

    RD, this sort of linguistic chicanery needs to be drummed into people’s heads. Repeatedly. For some reason, people have seemed to accept the feudalistic view of property. It’s illogical, it’s obsolete, it’s immoral… and yet, here it is.


  7. DocO says:

    DoublePlusGood article RD.

    I was relieved to hear the president is going to decrease budgetary deficits from $3 Trillion a year to just $1 Trillion a year.

    Gotta go play the lotto and eat my cabbage soup.

    – The Good Prol