What is Obama offering?

What did the Obama Administration offer in exchange for $1.6 trillion in tax increases; twice as much as any Republican has ever suggested is possible? Obama offered no cuts of any kind and a permanent elimination of the debt ceiling.

Charles Krauthammer said that the “deal” proposed by the Administration is “insulting” and that “Lee was offered easier terms at Appomattox.” Obama is demanding unconditional surrender.

Krauthammer says walk.

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7 Responses to What is Obama offering?

  1. James says:

    The proper answer is “Fuck you” on live TV, then not raise the ceiling. Ever.

    Of course this won’t happen. Too much corrupt influence from the medical industry to keedp medicare going. There’s also this misconception that shutting down government services is bad. This is exactly the medicine needed. Ever.

  2. notamobster says:

    Shut it down and walk the fuck away! Time to play hardball. You already lost, might as well fight the good fight. Let people taste some of that Obama magic they were clamoring for! Forward!

  3. serfer62 says:

    Boehner will agree in excgange for 5 golfs trips & a case of gin

  4. jacksonsdad says:

    No doubt they want the republicans to walk so they can blame them for the middle class tax increase that BO said would never happen but is crucial for implementation of his overall strategy. He knows the running dogs will faithfully broadcast his innocence in the dive off ‘the fiscal cliff’ and he gets exactly what he wanted all along… debilitating tax increases and defense spending cuts. BOHICA!

    This after The One has waxed poetic about the differences that America embraced in this election where he was heard constantly spouting the virtues of “A Balanced Approach… Spending Cuts Coupled With Targeted Tax Increases”.

    Funny… I never hear the word ‘decoupling’ during the campaign but I’m sure as shit hearing it now.

  5. James says:

    There’s all this really goddamned stupid talk about Republicans giving in so the collapse will be blamed on Democrats. When there’s fiscal collapse, who cares about blame? You’ve got fiscal collapse.

    Much better strategy for Republicans to refuse to budge the debt ceiling, and refuse to raise taxes. They’re in for another 2 years. That’s plenty of time for pain for those on the dole.

  6. jacksonsdad says:

    Agreed James. Call their bluff and let the chips fall. This is “Tyranny Of The Majority” at it’s worst… not to mention the most egregious Bait And Switch ever perpetrated on the voting public.

    Add this to a long list of broken campaign promises (which the complicit media are all too happy to ignore) and we’ll see if the running dogs are able to carry the water sufficiently. My hope is that we’re not so far gone that We The People are oblivious to reality… especially when it hits us squarely in the pocket… but then again I never wuda thought that we would even be having this discussion under the peril of a 2nd term.

  7. Greg B says:

    James has it nailed in his first paragraph.
    I would add, say it again and again every day on TV.
    Make the frikkin commies wear that albatross.
    Every single time zero and his cronies screw the pooch conservatives in DC must point it out, in plain language, no gov speak, no double talk.