Oops! Forgot to mention that before the election!

Obama ordered a 33 percent cut to Pell Grants before the election and damned if he didn’t forget to mention it.

During the recent campaign, President Obama claimed credit for increasing funding to the Pell Grant program, which provides college funds, free from repayment, to millions of students. However, an email sent out Tuesday to some Dallas college students is revealing a detail the President forgot to mention: the time a student can receive a Pell Grant has been cut, by as much as three years. With Pell Grants for the fall semester now dispersed, colleges are informing students of their options, bringing the cuts to light.

The email, sent out by the Dallas County Community College District, informed students of the changes to the Pell Grant program. It revealed that the number of semesters a student could receive a Pell Grant had been cut from 18 semesters down to 12. It is a detail likely unknown to most students; in fact, the cut in grants has gone largely unreported by the media.

All he did before the election is boast how he was increasing access to college grants. I am sure it was a simple oversight.

Sorry kids.

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3 Responses to Oops! Forgot to mention that before the election!

  1. pateriot says:

    Well…is it “fair” that some go to college for 12 years while others go only 2 or don’t go at all? Take from those selfish students who aspire to greater things and give it to those who are willing only to do the bare minimum!!

    Actually they need to completely end ALL federal programs! Welcome to America, where if you try hard enough and long enough you can realize prosperity and the American Dream… and where apathy and slothfulness are rewarded with its gains… failure and poverty!

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    I wasn’t defending the program or decrying the cuts. I was pointing out the lies and hypocrisy of pandering to college students regarding grants before the election when he knew they were being cut.

  3. notamobster says:

    I got what you were saying. It’s convenient that Barry’s plans are changing. It’s almost like his words don’t mean anything to him and he’s just a cheap, lying, politician.