Slave For Sale On Facebook In Saudi Arabia

Google Translation:

Peace be upon you …

I have a [male] slave I bought from an African country and arranged for his visa and stay till I got him to Saudi [Arabia]

His discription:

1 – Black skin. Tall 172 sm. Weight 60 kilos.
2 – Castrated (excellent for working with a family) you can check him with a doctor our yourself if you have experience in the matter.
3 – [His] health is quite undamaged and has no imperfections.
4 – Age 26 years.
5 – Religion muslim and [he is] obedient and will not disobey you except in what displeases God. Please, the matter is very serious and is not a joke.”


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One Response to Slave For Sale On Facebook In Saudi Arabia

  1. Notamobster says:

    Of course this isn’t a joke. It is reality for thousands of people around the globe. How about the thousands of women bought and sold into sexual slavery by their Islamic masters, daily?

    That’s right folks, the religion of perpetual indignation is the only political ideology on the planet which still recognizes the legitimacy of human slavery. How progressive.