Lindsay Graham says we are going over the cliff

With apologies to the Senator, I’d say we went over the cliff some time ago and we have been hurtling toward the ground since then.

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3 Responses to Lindsay Graham says we are going over the cliff

  1. DarthJay says:

    I gotta be honest, I am in the camp of “stop fighting this” — let the Dems do their thing. Otherwise, it’s going to be all the Republican House’s fault and we’ll be put out of there in 2014, too.

    I shudder to think of Obama’s last 2 years with full control of the House and Senate and a Supreme Court justice appointee or two. Ugh.

  2. TaterSalad says:

    We are already over the cliff. Barack Obama signed into this extension over a year ago…it is all his. The House should put together a couple more plans, send them to the Senate and sit back and wait. Harry/Obama are both narcissists and will not budge. The cliff will be on them. Republicans should walk away and let the tax cut extensions expire. Barack is more concerned about his legacy than the country and he wants to destroy the Republican party anyhow. Let it go!

  3. Jim22 says:

    It’s all a distraction. What is the left hand doing?