5 Iowans Shot in One Day.

It’s like Chicago on a good day with all these shootings.  Has rural Iowa gone all gangsta or something?

Nope.  Just stupid.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Overall, five people were injured, none fatally, on Sunday, the second day of the shotgun deer season in Iowa.

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9 Responses to 5 Iowans Shot in One Day.

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    This is probably why we don’t allow rifle hunting of deer in Iowa, huh?

    I was out in my yard working this weekend and it sounded like the Second Battle of Bull Run. If every shot I heard resulted in a dead deer, whitetails are now extinct in my county.

    To hunters everywhere…

  2. RJM says:

    Stay away from wooded areas in Iowa during shotgun season!

    If I remember correctly 16 hunters were shot last years shotgun season and there were several fatalities.

    In addition, every year several hunters fall out of their deer stand.

  3. notamobster says:

    🙂 It’s actually super-easy to insure that you don’t accidentally discharge your shotgun, in one simple step:

    Don’t be a dumbass.

  4. Rockheim says:

    I’m reminded of a video I saw a couple years back.. No fatalities here either..
    A father was proud of taking his son on his first pheasant hunt. The father broke from the group and parrallels them about 50 yards to the side.. armed with a video camera..
    Oh.. this’ll make for some great footage..
    Then a dog broke and got a pheasant to jump..
    Son immediately brings his shotgun to bear and starts tracking..
    You can see the pheasant take wing.. low and straight..
    And you see the son swing the barrel of his shotgun from behind the group.. tracking.. tracking.. tracking.. uh oh.. tracking.. this is going to be bad.. tracking.. BLAM..
    Dad drops camera.. Swearing ensues..

  5. RJ says:

    Well the WV hillbillies (my shame to be from there in this case) have nothing on Iowa shotgun hunters I see.

  6. notamobster says:


  7. Ray Davies says:

    I stayed well away from the woods this weekrnd and went down to the Riverside Casino instead. I did see a heard of deer in a field on the way back to Iowa City though. In the past IaCity has hired a shooter to kill the deer in the city limits,ablyt a thousand bucks a head. At least Cedar Rapids allow bow hunting

  8. TN-Cat says:

    I’ll tell ya. I sure miss opening week in the UP. Roughing it in tents, battling the snow and cold.

    The stink after a week in the cedar swamps washed off after a hot shower. The memories, they last forever.

  9. notamobster says:

    Oh yeah, TN! Nothing like deer camp in the UP!