The NFL Tragedy You Didn’t Hear About Over The Weekend

Wile the football world was grieving the loss of KC Chief Jevon Belcher and his girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins, in the murder/suicide tragedy, another tragic suicide happened quietly over the weekend.

A Cleveland Browns employee was found dead of apparent hanging in a maintenance shed at the team’s practice facility Saturday, a Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner spokesman told

The Browns confirmed Sunday that assistant groundskeeper Eric Eucker had died.

“This is a terrible tragedy, and our heartfelt condolences go out to Eric’s family,” the Browns said in a statement obtained by reporter Albert Breer. “Eric was a good friend and colleague, and an outstanding employee. He will be missed by everyone in the Cleveland Browns organization.”

The Browns are in Oakland this weekend to face the Raiders. We send our thoughts and condolences to everyone affected in the Browns family.

Why do I bring this up? While “journalists” like Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock are quick to polarize a death and push for tighter gun control, and even claiming that if there were tighter gun restrictions, Jevon and Kassandra would be alive today, Costas and Whitlock failed to mention that if there were more restrictions on rope, the Cleveland Browns groundkeeper would also be alive today.

Costas is a stupid idiot. I would like to ask him if his security guards carry guns for his protection. Of course they do. Stop blaming inanimate objects for the death of others.

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10 Responses to The NFL Tragedy You Didn’t Hear About Over The Weekend

  1. pateriot says:

    If rope was illegal this man would still be alive today!

  2. Judd says:

    I don’t think there was any precedent for Costas to air his opinion on gun control over live broadcast of a football game. I do, however, think that calling someone a “stupid idiot” lacks a certain amount of eloquence or objectivity.

    It would be ignorant to try and assert that ownership of a firearm by Belcher in no way facilitated the death of the late Kassandra Perkins. To assume that her death would be inevitable by any other means is plain irresponsible from a journalistic point of view. The gun always helps. If you found yourself in a rage at someone and you had either a gun or a brick, which one do you think would be more lethal by the time you realized what you were doing? If for some ungodly reason you hit someone with a brick and they collapsed on the floor, unconscious, you might pause and say to yourself “Oh shit,” and you might, in your moment of realization, hesitate before you deliver the fatal blow, should you even feel the need to. But sometimes, even the best people can lose control of their emotions, and depending on what they have at their disposal, the results can vary. I am willing to bet, without the benefit of any research whatsoever, that the number of deaths by firearm last year far exceeded the number of deaths by strangulation or bludgeoning.

    I don’t believe people are programmed in a way that makes fatal acts of aggression inevitable, but we are emotional creatures and from time to time conflict is unavoidable. Sure we lash out in anger from occasionally, but when you lash out in anger with a gun, you might actually end some person’s life before your brain even has time to calculate the ramifications of your actions.

    You can call Bob Costas out on bad taste and poor judgement for what he said, but you can’t call him an idiot for echoing the words of someone who more or less had the facts somewhat right.

    For the record, I am in no way interested in gun control. I’m looking to buy a new gun, right now, as it were. Sure it’s only a pansy-ass Ruger SR22, but that suits my needs just fine, and I don’t need anyone asking me why I want one. It’s my right.

    People need to think twice about calling people idiots for expressing their point of view, and instead should take time to think about these things in new ways, and possibly come up with solutions for educating people on how to be responsible with firearms, instead of simply denigrating others as hippie jackasses.

    What we have here is a knee-jerk reaction to a knee-jerk reaction, without any critical thought. That seems the be the culture of our society. And until we learn to address that, we will likely continue to see more acts of mindless violence and stupidity in this great nation.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    If Belcher didn’t have a car, he wouldn’t have been able to drive over there and kill her. Clearly his car facilitated her murder.

    Costas is an idiot for introducing rabidly partisan political commentary to apolitical sports announcing.

    If a conservative announcer would have stated that abortion is murder during half-time commentary, the left would have gone ape shit craz-ee and I guarantee the commentator would be fired by the network.

  4. Bman says:

    For the record, I’ve thought that Costas was a stupid idiot long before this rant.

  5. Judd says:

    Haha. And you may be right about that…

  6. notamobster says:

    The 15 leading causes of death in 2009 were:
    1. Diseases of heart (heart disease)
    2. Malignant neoplasms (cancer)
    3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
    4. Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke)
    5. Accidents (unintentional injuries) [118,021 – 36,216 of those from autos]
    6. Alzheimer’s disease
    7. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
    8. Influenza and pneumonia
    9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney
    10. Intentional self-harm (suicide) [36,909]
    11. Septicemia
    12. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
    13. Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal dis­
    ease (hypertension)
    14. Parkinson’s disease
    15. Assault (homicide)[16,799] [11,493 by firearm]


    If only liberals were consistent. They’d ban automobiles & suicide.

  7. Bman says:

    Wait a second? Where the hell is AIDS on that list? We all should be damned scared of AIDS! “Even YOU can get AIDS!”…according to the billboards.

  8. notamobster says:

    He wouldn’t have gone so far, if he weren’t wearing shoes. It’s uncomfortable playing pro football without shoes. Then, he wouldn’t have gotten the severe injuries and addiction to pain killers which clearly helped facilitate the murder. Pencils make people fail tests. Cars make people drive drunk. Spoons make people fat.

    If someone allows their emotions to dictate their behavior, there is a possibility that they could murder someone else. The method chosen is simply that, a method.

    A weapon is a tool. Nothing more. It is incapable of malice or motive. It merely acts as directed. Is a hammer evil for smashing your thumb?

    260,000,000 privately owned firearms facilitated zero murders in America today.

    Look, we could do this circle-jerk all day long about cause and effect – or ‘facilitation’. The fact of the matter is simple:

    People make bad decisions sometimes.

  9. notamobster says:

    Bring back prohibition!!!

    In 2009, a total of 24,518 persons died of alcohol-induced
    causes in the United States…

  10. notamobster says:

    If only they’d ban or “control” those pesky drugs:

    In 2009, a total of 39,147 persons died of drug-induced causes
    in the United States.