Remembering the Reason for the Season….

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8 Responses to Remembering the Reason for the Season….

  1. Van-a-gram says:

    Best overheard conversation of the season:

    Person 1: “…and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!”

    Person 2″ “Happy Holidays to you and your family as well.”

    Person 1: “To which Holiday are you referring?”

    Person 2: “Um…’s just…well, I guess Christmas.”

    Person 1: “As I said, Merry Christmas.”


  2. Bman says:

    It is my prediction, that with the ongoing war on Christmas and Christianity, someday soon these flash mobs will come to a screaching halt and the participants kicked out of the mall because of loitering. I really don’t think it’s far-fetched anymore.

  3. RJ says:

    Wow…just wow restores my faith in humanity just a little.

    And it takes some doing to get through my cynicism

  4. ventucky local says:

    Thanks Van, nice post. And thanks to God for sending his son Jesus.

  5. serfer62 says:

    I sent this to my Muslim friends and asked them do they have a counter?

  6. R.D. Walker says:

    Amazing. That made my eyes leak.

  7. rj says:

    RD…mine to both times I watched it…

  8. JenR says:

    My favorite episode of 30 Rock is when Jack’s fiance gets Christmas cards that say:

    Outside: Happy Holidays….
    Inside: Is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas!

    Love it! I want to get Christmas cards that say this.