Preppers Vindicated: Part 9

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

The story up to this point can be found here.

May 20th, 1642, con’t: When Kent got to the Maquoketa River on the highway, the bridge was closed, blocked with a dirt berm and a ditch and the bridge itself was covered with concertina wire. He backtracked, to a gravel road and the bridge that used to be there had been burned. Only the steel frame remained. He drove down to Highway 151 at Monticello and the bridge was open, but it was blocked with armed guards. There was a line of cars waiting to cross. He waited.

When he got to the bridge, he was told that he needed a travel pass to cross. He asked how to get one and he was told to go back to the Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids. He didn’t do that.

He said the guards weren’t military. Too fat and too old, no uniform; just a hodge-podge of dress. After he turned around, he passed a TSA vehicle heading toward the bridge. He headed back to Marv’s and radioed us the news. We don’t know what to make of it for sure.

May 21st, 1212: The radio announcer says there is a nasal mist vaccine that is being distributed. How can this be? I don’t know much about the development of vaccines, but I know that they aren’t developed this quickly. It has only been two weeks since the outbreak. Scientists would have been ill. How can this be?

The nearest distribution point is in Dubuque. Since we can’t go there, the second closest is in Cedar Rapids. There is supposed to be a lottery of some kind. The information on the radio wasn’t very clear. We will wait.

May 21st, 1710: Our food supplies are holding up well. We have been eating a lot of meat and leaving everything that is shelf stable for later. The kids have even gotten used to powdered milk. Of course I laid in a lot of chocolate milk powder. That helps. We haven’t even touched the real hardcore stuff like 25 lb bags of rice or hydrogenated lard yet.

I wish I had gotten milk goats and chickens. If I’d have known…

Having a well is a godsend. We haven’t had the slightest concern about water as long as we can charge the pressure tank. Long before that becomes an issue, we can fill the cistern. We have been pretty comfortable. Nights are a little long, but life has been easy compared to the horror that must be living in the cities.

The road blocks explain why we haven’t seen more traffic on the highways. I would have thought that people would have poured out of the big cities and headed for rural America. We haven’t seen that and I guess I know why. I guess we are benefiting from the travel restrictions. Even so, I am pretty creeped out by needing papers to cross the Maquoketa River.

May 22nd, 1021: It was mentioned on the radio today that Congress is in session and heroically working with the president to deal with the crisis. They said there has been only three fatalities in the House and Senate. If the fatality rate is 20 percent, there should have been a hundred. How in the hell does that work?

May 23rd, 0801: The lottery is based on the last four digits of the Social Security number. Of the eight of us, three are eligible. Kent, myself and my daughter. Kent doesn’t need it. He will attempt to get three doses. He needs our SS cards. We are putting them outside under a rock. He is heading to Cedar Rapids today.

May 23rd, 2313: Kent got three doses. It was a madhouse. People attempting to get the vaccine were actually getting ill by while waiting for it. Most of the people waiting, however, were like Kent. They are immune and were getting them for others. They document the SS numbers of the people who receive doses. There were dozens of military and medical personnel on site. It is curious that so many were ready for duty.

Kent learned that he isn’t contagious if he has had it. The virus is eradicated by the immune system. He was warned that he can still carry the disease on hands and shoes, however. That means we can be close to him as long as we are careful to decontaminate. He left the spay applicators on the porch and went back to Marv’s.

We decided that the three doses would go to me, my daughter-in-law Kelly and my younger son. The logic was that it would be beneficial for me to be able to leave the house and go out into the world. My son should be able to be with his wife so she would get the second dose. Finally, the children should receive doses. We don’t know what the side effects will be, however, so we are starting with the oldest child first.

We hope to get more doses later.

May 24th, 0923: I have experienced no side effects of the vaccine nor has Kelly. My son has a mild fever but the paperwork said that is to be expected.

I remain stunned that the vaccine, the applicators and the literature is available so quickly. In fact, I don’t believe that it is possible. I am convinced that this vaccine for this specific weaponized influenza virus existed before the outbreak.

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4 Responses to Preppers Vindicated: Part 9

  1. notamobster says:

    Oh, I smell a conspiracy in the making… No immediate family members killed off, yet. That was a surprise.

    Very nice, Sir.

    If you get a chance – take a look at what I’ve started on mine and let me know what you think.

    It’s a draft entitled “Prepping: Caught With My Pants Down”

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    I just peeked. That is going to be awesome and way funnier than mine!

  3. fubar says:

    I like to read these posts thru the lens of my world. with 9 dairy farms within a 5mi radius of my house, i think there’d be cows roaming freely everywhere.

  4. Ray Davies says:

    Very good Mr Walker. Now the TSA and the government are there to help. Wonderful. They’re screwed now,for sure. I’m still trying to map where you are,I’ll find you yet, if the government doesn’t. Looking forward to the continuation