Addressing The Obama Phone Issue In The Proper Context

One of our Revoistas posted this picture to their Facebook account. What I’m guessing is his friend, posted this in reply:

Misguided Conservative:

I agree! But there is and was no such thing as a Obama phone, and I think it makes conservitives look stupid if we keep saying or thinking there is…

Misguided Conservative:

He then posted this link

Here is my reply:

The key to understanding the Obama-phone issue in the proper context is understanding that people’s perceptions are often-times their reality.

The woman in the (now infamous) video, gave the phone program it’s name. No conservatives were calling it an Obama-Phone prior to the video which clearly shows that this woman (and ostensibly, many like her) think that Barack Obama is responsible for her getting a free cellphone.

Her perception, though dim-witted, is still her reality. To exploit her fallacious belief that Barack Obama gave her a free phone by pointing to an entitlement class who votes based on what can be given them for free, is completely in-bounds. Fair game, if you ask me.

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He is right about the program. Our government has been subsidizing phone service for decades.

Just because they’re offering cellphones now, doesn’t make it Barack Obama’s fault. Her believing, however, that it’s Barack Obama’s doing and voting for him based on the free swag that she believes he gives her, does put the impetus of moral responsibility squarely on the shoulders of those who support these handouts.

Barack Obama absolutely supports these handouts, thus – ipso facto – carry the “1” – and it’s entirely fair to criticize him for supporting the entitlement society that creates buffoons like the woman in the video.



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4 Responses to Addressing The Obama Phone Issue In The Proper Context

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Lifeline was extended to wireless products in 2005. It exploded under Obama.

    Nota: A shorter way of saying it is this:

    So, Obama is going to kill the free phone program then? Hell no. He owns it now.

  2. messup says:

    EBT card = Obama phone, crack cocaine, meth, crystal meth, etc.
    Law of Unintended Consequences.

    Remember: (hate to keep on pushing this point but…)
    1807 and 1929…same situation, same causes…government excessive spending.
    1929 to 1939=Great Depression. Hoover, then FDR did:
    1)Higher wages (Obama likewise, pushing for $15.00/hour wages)
    2)Public works(Obama stimulus, shovel-ready-projects)
    3)2 to 3 million unemployed (1929-1939)
    4)Coordination b/t business and government. (Obama’s Business Czar and more crony-capitalism)

    Today, there are:
    1)4.3 million on welfare
    2)47 million on food stamps (SNAP)
    3)5.6 million unemployed.
    4) 1 in 5 children, are “poor”
    5)21 million american children received lo-cost help
    6) 1/2 of single moms kids live in poverty
    7)US has highest rate of poverty in developed world.

    So, with 2010 Census, re-districting comissions, undercounted white voters and overcounted Hispanic voters, gerrymandering of everything polling, voting equipment and results…yes, Mr. Obama sucessfully pulled off one of history’s biggest upsets, winning re-election and expanding his first term unfinished agenda.

    Don’t forget, Mr. Speaker of the House is complicit, too…GOP/RNC= center-left.Pray.Amen.

  3. RUDE JUDE says:

    I so want to quit America. The ONLY reason we are in this mess again is “because he’s black!” We voted for him because he’s black!! Isn’t that all wonderful and sparkly? Now we are all saved!! The unicorns will grant us all the wishes in the world and we will all live happily forever now. BULLSHIT!

  4. Ironheads82 says:

    I was at the cell store yesterday, and they had an ad slick on the table for these phones. You qualify if you are single and making less than $25K per year,or married with an houshold income of $40K. WTF is going on? I guess nobody cares anymore. One day Atlas will shrug.I know i am rapidly losing hope.