Give them what they want… give it to them hard!

Over at Hot Air they are advocating giving Americans a paid-for government with all of the bread and circuses Obama supporters are demanding. They will pay for this with a massive tax hike. The author is suggesting that Rush Limbaugh promote this. Americans want their goodies but they hate the national debt. Okay, this is how you get goodies that are paid for: radical tax increases.

America can have a Euro-style welfare as long as there is Euro-style funding. All we need to do is increase taxes on the median-income family by 60% and the top marginal rate to 70%. Americans can have all the bread and circuses they want. To hell with it! Let’s give Americans the government for which they voted. Let’s give it to them good and hard!

Maybe, just maybe, this approach would cause Obama’s thick headed supporters to actually put some thought to their demands.

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4 Responses to Give them what they want… give it to them hard!

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    For the record, these tax increases wouldn’t work in practice. Taxes would be avoided by rolling back productivity. GDP would plummet and tax revenues would collapse. It would still take huge debt loads to pay for the bread and circuses Americans are demanded.

    It is still worth advocating. People should see what it would take to pay for their swag.

  2. DocO says:

    I’m still advocating Republicans act as the party of intelligent dissent.

    Post a treatise on what will happen due to unrestrained federal spending, over regulation and increased centralized economical planning.

    Then state that the majority of people have voted for the above.

    Then state that the MSM is pushing hard for all the above.

    As a result, the Republicans will vote “present” and allow all of Obama’s economic bills to pass if he can get democratic support.

    Then let the democrats and Obama own the SUCK.

    I think the people need to learn to be careful for what they wish, as they just might get it.

  3. Ray Davies says:

    Bravo Mr.Walker. Well said,This country (notice small C)is well on the way to following the Roman Empire. We haven’t lasted near as long. We really need a REPUBLIC and not a representive Democracy. What the hell, I’m getting old anyway and my grand son can find another country.

  4. RJM says:

    Is the fiscal cliff real?

    Barack Obama’s fiscal cliff strategy is nothing but a power play: Charles Krauthammer