“Your federal tax dollars are being used to prepare for the zombie apocalypse”

This is alarming. Just who are the zombies that they are training for? Of course you know the answer. They are training to put down a popular rebellion. By starting to train with blank-firing guns and people made up to look like the walking dead Homeland Security is on the way to breaking down any reluctance of police, first responders, and others to actually fire at unarmed citizens. If they find some Americans to be armed there would be even more reason to put them down.

Notice that the shooters are not just being trained to stop the attack. They are also administering finishing shots to those who move after having been shot. This is from the Washington Examiner:

The above film clip is not a “behind the scenes” of the latest Dawn of the Dead straight-to-DVD ripoff. It is the actual footage of a first responder seminar in San Diego, Calif. The Department of Homeland Security deemed the event an allowable expense, enabling participants to use federal grant funding to pay to go.

That’s according to “Safety at Any Price: Assessing the Impact of Homeland Security Spending in U.S. Cities” a report compiled by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who chairs the investigations subcommittee of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. The report focuses on grants made by the DHS and the Urban Areas Security Initiative. Coburn says the report shows that DHS was “directing scarce dollars to low-priority project and low-risk areas.”

Coburn found that, among other things, DHS was spending money on teaching first responders how to stop flesh-eating ghouls. The report said the event was held by the HALO Corp. “at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa on an island outside San Diego 9 (and) the 5-day summit was deemed an allowable expense by DHS, permitting first responders to use grant funds for the $1,000 entrance fee.”

The HALO Corp.’s website describes their function this way:

The HALO Corporation is a California based organization founded by former Special Operations, National Security, and Intelligence personnel. HALO exists to provide safety and security for those in need and to improve: force protection, all aspects of security, humanitarian aid, and disaster response.”

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5 Responses to “Your federal tax dollars are being used to prepare for the zombie apocalypse”

  1. messup says:

    There are approximately 308 million counted individuals as of Rahm Emmanuels 2010 Census, in the USA.

    Today: 4.3 million of these are on welfare, 47.1 million on food stamps (SNAP) and 5.6 million on unemployment insurance for a total of some 57 million individuals on some form of government assistance program.

    Adding to this an increasing number of baby boomers, retiring to the already bloated entitlement rolls (some estimated 5.6% or 17.8 million).

    One has a pretty dismal picture of USA’s increasing poverty rate. Add to this the unbelievable statistic that some estimated 21 million children in the USA live in poverty, receiving lo-cost government help (possibly illegal aliens, too).

    So far, adding these catagories up (some overlap is evident): approximately 95 million individuals currently living in the USA are in some form of government assistance programs or receiving some form of government assistance. Roughly 1/3 of the country is on “the dole.!!!!” Think about this.

    Now, on to household incomes: 14.9 million received some form of (SNAP) totalling 13% (in 2011)
    47 states reported increases in enrollments (DC, AL,HI the highest) Oregon = 18.9% highest of all.
    18 year olds and older living with parents = 17.9% up from 16% in 2007
    Then there’s General Assistance ( a catchall catagory) = 2.9% of all american households.

    How is this “redistribution of American income” going to ultimately work out? HUH??? The numbers just don’t add up. Credit Card debt: 2011 = $48 billion in new debt; 424% than in 2010; 572% than in 2009. How in the world is this conceivably sustainable???? And Bernanke is printing 40 billion/month in new money!!!!Pray. Amen.

  2. notamobster says:

    It’s a creative way to train people. Even if they’re training them to kill Americans.

    It’s easier to put someone down when they’ve been dehumanized. You train the way you fight, so you will fight the way you trained.

    If they’re training to kill zombies from our side of the spectrum, they should probably include firearms. Their training, without being shot at, will be woefully inadequate, otherwise.

  3. xenicalman says:

    What a horrifying thought; Americans killing Americans.
    I wonder just how many of our troops and police officers are amenable to that concept.
    I have spoken to some of my police brothers and a couple of FBI agents and to a man, they said that they would draw the line at the wholesale slaughter of law abiding Americans and suspension their rights. I am not naive enough to think that a scenario such as described could not happen.(most likely the urban inner city areas) I am aware that the law enforcement community and the National Guard will become federalized, but just how many would take up arms against us? This scenario also corroborates the mass purchases of ammo by the usually benign SSA and other gov agencies. I would like to get some feedback from our Revo posters as to what they have gleaned from their contemporaries, National Guard, military and law enforcement contacts.

  4. fubar says:

    >It’s easier to put someone down when they’ve been dehumanized.

    this is step 3 of genocide.

    DHS also wasted millions on slushie machines. because they make ice. to be used in disaster situations

  5. notamobster says:

    xenicalman –

    Very sad.

    I think that wholesale, across-the-board rejection of our Constitution or 2nd Amendment rights would never happen. It is disturbing however, to see just how easy it is to convince our men & women to seize the rights of others, under the pretext of security. To wit:

    They were operating on the “authority” of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff (and possibly higher up the chain – but ultimately they answer to the Governor / President)

    They weren’t the only ones. Congress passed an amendment to the “law” called the Stafford Emergency Act that bans any agent of the federal or (any) state government, or anyone working on their behalf from ever seizing firearms again due to declared emergency. The problem with that is they already had a law prohibiting the seizure of arms –


    If they don’t follow the f-ing Constitution, they won’t follow the Stafford Emergency Act Amendment, either.

    (The Stafford Act had one exception – they could demand that you relinquish your weapon temporarily while onboard a government rescue/transport – which makes sense and is perfectly acceptable – they have to give the weapon back as soon as you disembark the transport – – – all a moot point really, considering they don’t follow any laws they make).

    Prognosis: It could happen on a compartmentalized level but not on a national level. People are much less likely to resist if they see it as a localized & temporary event. If they tried it nationwide two things would happen:

    1) A conflagration unlike any the world has seen hitherto

    2) It would fail, as it is logistically impossible – and too many of those who would be called upon to perform the seizure would die. Sure, they’d fight to protect their brother’s in the immediate firefight, but eventually they’d get tired of watching their brothers get shot. (I say they because officers who respect my rights, are my brothers – those who don’t, ARE NOT).