The day a German fighter pilot escorted a B-17

An amazing story.

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6 Responses to The day a German fighter pilot escorted a B-17

  1. notamobster says:

    That’s amazing. Two old warriors, finally meeting. Duty, tempered by humanity. Great story.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    If I were a fighter pilot and had an enemy aircraft that had just dropped bombs on my homeland in my sights, I am pretty sure I would have shot it down regardless as to how damaged it was.

    The German pilot is a better man than me.

  3. Uke says:

    I have to second what RD said. Story about that flight school instructor notwithstanding, I find it a mathematical certitude that I’d shoot that bomber down, knowing that it had just dropped bombs on my homeland.

    I have, however, on occasion been called rather coldly calculating in my decision-making process. >_>

  4. notamobster says:

    No doubt. I’m apparently, less emotionally complex than the German pilot, too.

    That doesn’t mean it’s not a great story.

  5. Ray Davies says:

    I often wonder what happened to the North Viet soldier that I met on a patrol. We saluted each other and our squads just bypassed each other. It wasn’t our day to be killing each other.

  6. Z says:

    There are so many wonderful people in this crazy world.