News from the Arab Spring

Here we have an insight on the nature of the “good guys” in Syria.

Iran’s Fars News website is reporting on a video it says was just released on a Syrian opposition website showing rebels using a machete to behead loyalists to President Bashar Assad. Sickeningly, a child is shown aiding in the crime. Fars reports:

    The Syrian website al-Haqiqa posted a video which is the most horrific of all videos released so far about the Syrian crisis.

    The tragic incident has reportedly happened in an area located between Talbisiyeh and Rastan towns in the Western Homs province

    The video shows a group of Takfiri armed rebels affiliated to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) who call themselves Khaled bin Walid Battalion and use children for beheading abducted citizens.

Meanwhile, back in the leftist fever swamps, they are still going on about the Crusades.

More at the Blaze.

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One Response to News from the Arab Spring

  1. notamobster says:

    There was a video showing the kids hacking at the guys neck, but youtube pulled it down. Real winners Barry’s hooked our cart to – again!