Michigan Democrat: “There Will Be Blood!”

How original. Organized crime labor doesn’t like it when you interfere with their extortion ‘insurance’.

“There will be blood,” State Representative Douglas Geiss threatened from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives today as the body debated legislation that would make Michigan the nation’s 24th right to work state.

“I really wish we had not gone here,” Geiss continued. “It is the leadership in this house that has led us here. The same leadership that tried to throw a bomb right on election day, leading to a member switching parties, and came in at the 11th hour with a gotcha bill. For that, I do not see solace, I do not see peace.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder had previously said he had no interest in signing right to work legislation this term, but that has changed as unions have made it increasingly more difficult to govern the state. The Detroit Free Press‘ Tom Walsh explains:

Public employee unions opposed Snyder’s moves to put more teeth into emergency manager laws that would enable swifter action to rescue cities and school districts that bungled themselves into insolvency.

In Detroit, Mayor Dave Bing and a spineless City Council were stonewalled by employee unions at every turn, slow-walking needed reforms and cost-cutting while the city burned through cash at a frightening rate.

As a result, Snyder’s patient attempt to help fix Detroit via consent agreement instead of imposing an emergency manager has failed.
To top it off, Snyder found himself having to fight off Proposal 2, the ill-advised November ballot attempt to stuff a bag of goodies for organized labor into the Michigan Constitution.

Michigan has both the highest unionization and unemployment rates in the Midwest.

See what’sgoing on outside the capitol building, here:

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4 Responses to Michigan Democrat: “There Will Be Blood!”

  1. RJ says:

    He is the second elected official to call for violence in retailiation to the legislation. prezy was first yesterday.

    I hate unions.

  2. sortahwitte says:

    Good for you, turd.

    In most places, that is called inciting a riot.

  3. AFB says:

    That soft-looking little pipsqueak ought to be careful what he says in his attempts to look like a badass. With the situation up there being so volatile, the blood he talks about being shed might turn out to be his own.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Yep, and the left gets away with it every time.