Survival Tips: Best Prepping Reference In The Universe!

The absolute best single-point prepping reference in the entire universe!

Okay, folks. I realize that I’m probably looking like Dr McGillicuddy’s Miracle Tincture & Snakeoil Salesman of The Year with that claim, but I’m willing to back it up. Download this reference manual (by clicking the link above) and try to prove me wrong. Just click on the link (the link & document are on The Revo server), & when it opens,click on the save (disk) button on the page.

Our LDS friend Christopher Parrett at LDS AVOW has compiled resources from all over the vast world wide web of tubes and wires to bring you this, the 8th Edition of the LDS Preparedness Manual: Provident Living. It is 509 pages long, so you may want to print it out or just order it in book format from the man who put it together. He charges exactly the cost of production. He offers this service as a service to mankind and thus, isn’t making money off it.

See the 5 levels of preparation below the fold.

5 Levels of Preparation
There are five levels of preparedness.

Level 0: Every emergency is a disaster
Less than two weeks of food in the house
No water purification system
No bug-out bag
No defensive weapons
No way to produce their own food
No physical gold or silver
No tangible assets to barter

Level 1: Can Survive Two Weeks of Minor Emergency
(such as ice storm)
Have sufficient food and water for two weeks of
Able to heat their home for two weeks without relying
on the power grid by use of kerosene heater or
Able to cook their meals for two weeks without relying
on the power grid
Has a first aid kit
Likely has no defensive weapons
Must leave their home after two weeks due to lack of

Level 2: Can Survive One Month of an Emergency
(such as major hurricane)
Likely has a portable power generator and sufficient fuel
for one month of operation
Has handguns or shotgun to defend their home
Has a month’s work of canned goods to eat from
Has sufficient prescription medicines for 30 days
Has enough batteries for power a portable radio for 30

Level 3: Can Survive Three Months of an Emergency
(such as martial law or impacting earthquake)
Has a deep-short term pantry
Likely has a water purification system
Likely has defensive weapon for each family member
Likely has some type of neighborhood safety watch or
24 hour security watch rotation at the home
Has stocked wood to burn in fireplace and/or iron stove
Has communication gear to keep track of local and
world events
Has means to recharge batteries without relying on
power grid
Has three months of prescription medicines

Level 4: Can Survive One Year of an Emergency
(such as currency devaluation, economic depression)
Has a deep short- and long-term food pantry
Likely has their own garden to produce food
Likely has small-sized farm animals to produce protein
(chickens, goats, rabbits)
Has a deep supply of ammo (2000+ rounds per weapon)
Is a spare weapon in event of damage
Has mean to produce herbal medicines to replace
Has a long-term store of antibiotics
Likely has dog for security watch
Has full 24 hour rotation of security watch on the home
(requires 6 adults)
Show have secondary off-site storage of food, weapons,
and ammo
Is ready to bug-out with full hiking and camping gear, if
security situation degrades
Is able to educate their children at home

Level 5: Can Survive Indefinitely from their Home
during an multi-year SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation
Has a fully functioning large garden or small farm for
food production
Is able to can and store the results of food harvest for
the coming year
Is able to harvest seeds for next year’s planting
Is able to raise multiple generations of farm animals
(cattle, sheep, horses)
Has horses for local and distance travel
Has enough ammo to last a generation (10,000+ rounds
per weapon)
Has spares of each weapon and lots of extra magazines
Able to generate their own fuel (bio-diesel, alcohol)
Likely has fully functional solar power bank with deep
storage batteries
Has natural on-site water sources for farm and home
Has home-based business to generate income
Is able to build new building and make any necessary
repairs to existing buildings
Is able to provide excess food for charity
Has a secondary residency (such as mountain cabin) for
full bug-out
Is prepared for minor surgery and child birth at home
Has stores of gold and silver for barter
Is able to produce their own clothing (from raw wool or
raw cotton with spinning wheel and small loom)

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9 Responses to Survival Tips: Best Prepping Reference In The Universe!

  1. DocO says:

    Great post Nota.

    I think that one of the missing categories here is financial.

    I’d say that any good prepper will have cash, silver and gold on hand.

    I think I aspire to have Level IV supplies and skills and make up the difference with vast gold and silver supplies 😉

    If the bad stuff goes longer than a year, we’ll probably revert to a barter system, which will require some sort of common system for monetizing differences in barter exchange values, which means gold and silver will have value, if history is any guide.

  2. DocO says:

    Oh, one more thing, a true prepper must have something immaterial but crucial.

    A reason to go on. A reason to face hardship. A reason to delay gratification. A reason to plan.

  3. notamobster says:

    Download that manual and go through it! I’m not kidding. It’s the most complete single-point reference I have EVER seen!

    My reason to survive is that I’m just plain stubborn. I don’t quit. I’ll fight it out til there’s no more fight left. I’m hard-headed. 🙂

    I’m short on gold and silver (I have some – hardly a substantial quantity) but long on other valuable (precious) metals. Copper, brass, and lead. 😉

  4. notamobster says:

    Oh, now that this manual is saved to the Real Revo Survival Tips section, I guess that means that

    The Real Revo is now the best single-point prepping reference in the entire universe!!!

  5. notamobster says:

    Survival blog is leaned on in this manual. He collects information from all over and centralizes it. I think it’s the best reference you’ll find in one place.

  6. Ray Davies says:

    One of the best referance books you can find is A Boy Scout Manual from the 50s. It has everything. Another good reference series is The Foxfire books at least 1-10. It tells the way things were done in the Smokies and Applachins last century (and now in some cases).

    Just say “Merry CHRIST MAS” folks

  7. J Steade says:

    I have read different levels of preparedness and I was very impressed. One of the best way to survive is we know how to maintain the good balance between unprepared and being prepared but I prefer to choose being prepared because it will not just help you to survive but you can help others who are in need. Those 5 levels of preparedness are such a great help to us because someday and somehow we can use it and maybe for future endeavor. We just have to be aware time to time because we don’t even know how disaster will appear maybe today, tomorrow, next month or any other day.