Preppers Vindicated: Part 12

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

July 12th 1821: We now have a deputy sheriff in town. We sent a delegation to the county seat report our situation to the sheriff. He agreed to station a deputy in our town as a legitimate legal entity. Littleton has sent a delegation to Des Moines in order to get a better understanding of what to expect from the federal marshal we were told to expect.

July 14th 1341: People are starting to go back to jobs if they have them. Man do not. I’d say about half of small businesses are shuttered. State and county offices are coming back up, however. Everyone can see that we are in a serious recession that will likely stretch into depression that rivals that of the Great Depression.

Travel within our state is now open but we are being required to get travel permits to cross state borders. Truckers get permits but most family visit passes are being denied. Riots are still flaring up in the cities and more and more Americans are demanding that the government do something. Food is being distributed but it is still rationed. There is, of course, a thriving black market.

The government work brigades are being filled with volunteers. There are so many people desperate for work, people are lining up to join. The television news shows the brigades building their own camps. It is reminiscent of the the CCC.

A splinter party has formed in Washington. It is made up of both Democrats and Republicans but it is mostly Democrats. It is called the National Unity Party although they call it the NU Party. (New Party, get it?) It’s platform is based on working together to rebuild America. It seems to have a pretty good following.

July 16th 1732: The federal marshal showed up today. We informed him and his staff that we have law enforcement in town. He seemed uninterested and said that his role is administrative and covers four townships and three towns. We asked him to elaborate but he said it would be made clear in an announcement later. He told us to continue our security efforts… for now. He set up shop in the post office.

July 20th 1743: No internet although there is intermittent cell phone service. I have paid no bill for two months but it still seems to be working occasionally. Curious. We are using ration coupons to buy groceries because it is the only way food purchases are allowed. They don’t even take cash at the grocery stores. It occurs to me that every American is essentially on food stamps, now.

The group from Littleton returned from Des Moines. They said the governors office is aware of the deployment of marshals but has not been told that law enforcement has been federalized. He does not believe that doing so without his consent is constitutional. We are being told to continue to do what we have been doing but that our county sheriffs represent law enforcement in out counties.

Our marshal, for his part, has been pretty quiet. He hasn’t even ordered our roadblocks removed as was expected.

July 26th 1700: The NU Party seems to be everywhere all of the sudden. Television has images of NU Party rallies everyday. A slogan being used is “The NU Party for an New Nation.” The NU Party imagery is red, white and blue, smiling children, hard hat wearing workers and dinner tables that look like Thanksgiving. It is creepy as hell, but people are eating it up. I have talked to my own neighbors who seem to feel a growing excitement about it. People really want answers.

July 27th 0930:Right on cue, NU Party posters have appeared in the post office windows as well as red, white and blue bunting and brand new United States flags. That’s not all. A notice to “all citizens” also appeared today on the Post Office window.

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3 Responses to Preppers Vindicated: Part 12

  1. Ray Davies says:

    You sure get up early. Great work sa usual. This is going beyond th Weimar Republic. I’m seeing traces of a 1938 beer hall and the US under FDR.I expect you’ve got this completely written and only bive us bits at a time. If I had this I’d be tempted to turn to the back page by now.Hope you have a good day

  2. Greg B says:

    Oh man.
    I gotta wait?
    The suspense is killing me.

  3. DocO says:

    RD, you are really depressing me. Your scenario seems far too plausible, even without a cabal within the federal government deploying germ warfare on the US population.

    Just letting federal spending go on the way it is will create the same scenario in about 3-5 years time.

    I gotta move to Grand Rapids, Mi fast. It will be one of the last bastions in my area.