Looking back at my 2012 Predictions

I made my predictions here. How did I do?

1) Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination to be their candidate for president but Ron Paul will give him a run for his money due to Republican open primaries.

    Half right. Paul hung in there but didn’t really give too much of a challenge to Mitt.

2) Ron Paul will launch a third party candidacy.

    I still can’t believe this didn’t happen.

3) Eric Holder will retire and say he is doing so in order to “spend more time with my family.”

    This still might happen. If it doesn’t, it will in the first quarter of 2013.

4) Wisconsin governor Scott Walker will prevail in the recall effort against him.

    Called it.

5) Kagan will not recuse herself from the Obamacare case. The individual mandate will be upheld 5-4 due to her deciding vote. A handful of Tea Party Republicans will seek impeachment, but fail.

    Called it. Well, not the impeachment but the rest.

6) The unemployment rate will increase in the first quarter of 2012. This will be “unexpected.”

    Close. It went up in the 2nd quarter and it was “unexpected.”

7) The Eurozone will double dip into recession. This will drag the US to near zero growth. The Euro will be the only major currency to slide against the dollar; which will remain weak. At least one nation will exit the EU; maybe two.

    Called it. Well, nobody has exited the Euro but the rest is right.

8 ) The GOP will hold the House and the Democrats will lose two seats in the Senate but retain control.

    Half right. Friggin Akin.

9) The presidential race will be extremely tight with the winner taking 282 electoral votes.

    Nope. Wasn’t that close.

10) The current Mayan calendar cycle will end in December. The world won’t.

    The jury is still out on this one but I am sticking with my prediction.

11) There will be good food, good drink, good fun and good fellowship in southern Missouri in May.

    Bummer. Got this one wrong. It was a tough year for some Revoistas.
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