Michigan Governor Signs RTW into Law

It’s done. Suck it Obama.

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said Tuesday he has signed into law legislation limiting the rights of unions in the state, soon after the House passed the bills amid the boos of protesters.

A bill that covers public employees passed 58-51. A second bill covering the private sector received a 58-52 vote. The state Senate approved both bills Thursday.

Snyder, a Republican, said he signed the legislation into law soon after the House passed it.

The article goes on.

Crowds tore down two large tents that had been set up on the Capitol’s front lawn, one for right-to-work supporters, who were greatly outnumbered among the demonstrators, and another for opponents. No one was reported injured.

Conservatives don’t count, I guess.


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7 Responses to Michigan Governor Signs RTW into Law

  1. rj says:

    woo hoo suck it unions and obama

  2. notamobster says:

    Woohoo!!!! No longer the peoples republic of Michiganistan.

  3. Greg B says:

    More unions disembowled.
    Dancing a little jig at work right now. Good thing I’m the only person in the shop. They might have me committed.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Fat fucking goon would piss his pants and have a grabber. The only reason he was tough today because he was surrounded by his fellow members of the soon-to-need-bypass-surgery crowd.

  5. notamobster says:

    Yep. He’s lucky that was a nice guy he hit or his fat ass would be eating through a straw for the next 6 weeks, but they’d have stomped me to death in the crowd.

    I can see the headlines now: Conservative Teablogger causes union workers to kill him, by viciously attacking elderly man.

  6. Uke says:

    @D2A: Perfect response on Crowder’s part! Love it!