Take Me Back To Tulsa

How Dewey Bartlett Balanced Tulsa’s Budget without Raising Taxes

Bartlett is the Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this video he tells how he turned the city around in his first three years in office. He sounds like a businessman. He made reasonable changes, in many cases letting city employees help in the decision making. I love the trick he did with a couple of dollars worth of pennies.

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3 Responses to Take Me Back To Tulsa

  1. James says:

    The mayor sold assets mostly. He did not talk about cutting programs. Programs have recurring costs, such as employees and maintenance. Have to believe there was a lot more to cut.

    He did lay police off.

  2. sortahwitte says:

    James, he has cut programs. He has also formed a lot of business/programs partnerships. But, if there is a bump in the economy, Tulsa is in a position to benefit almost immediately. They are also not paying interest to have cash money around. OKC did the same 15 years ago and is now booming in a crappy economy. It was sad the police chose to not participate. They are very strong union and did not see the benefit to themselves.

    Best quote. “City government can’t do everything for everybody.” We may talk slow, but that doesn’t mean we’re stupid.

  3. notamobster says:

    James – Did you watch the same video?

    He talked about eliminating public employees and having them bid jobs as private companies/contractors, that they used to do as public workers.

    I like that, so long as there wasn’t any impropriety in the bidding process. No rent-seeking.

    Very nice.