North Korea Launches Successful ICBM – CIA Clueless

U.S. intel clueless about N. Korea rocket launch

This monitor screen image shows a graphic of an orbit of a satellite carried by the Unha-3 rocket that was launched from North Korea.

Obama’s CIA had this to say: “Rocket? Huh? Where?”

North Korea, a hermit dictatorship that cannot always feed its people, has become the 13th nation to orbit a satellite. The success of Wednesday night means the nuclear armed nation has a rocket capable of reaching as far as the United States.

U.S. intelligence failed to detect signs the North Korean launch was imminent.

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2 Responses to North Korea Launches Successful ICBM – CIA Clueless

  1. Greg B says:

    Maybe we should test the claims that an Aegis can actually knock a satellite out of orbit.
    Now THAT would be funny.

  2. DocO says:

    This terrifies me. This means a hermit nation run by a psychopath has the ability to launch a nuke above the united states and detonate a thermonuclear device and create an EM pulse that could cripple a large part of the nations power grid.

    What’s not to like about this?