Nancy doesn’t like it when you smirk at her

But how can you help it?

“Pelosi framed the debate in terms of a ‘middle income tax cut’ asserting that two-thirds of the House would vote in favor of the idea,” he adds.

That’s when someone in the House audibly chuckled.

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5 Responses to Nancy doesn’t like it when you smirk at her

  1. pateriot says:

    I seriously doubt that they are overwhelming concerned about increasing the debt. She also acts like she might be a little drunk or under the influence of something.

  2. James says:

    Pelosi is batshit crazy.
    The average civilization lasts about 360 years.
    We are there.

  3. Fubar says:

    I was going to call her insane, but I think James has it with the batshit crazy thing.

  4. notamobster says:

    Nancy is 72 years old. She’s crazy. She’s also not very intelligent. Crazy, dumb, & senile. She needs to retire.