Susan Rice Drops Out Of Secretary Of State Consideration

Either, they found skeletons she was hoping would stay hidden or she’s going under the bus.

She notes in her letter to the President that the confirmation process would be long and distracting and that the position of the Secretary of State “should never be politicized”. She then goes on to immediately politicize the process from which, she is withdrawing.

Only a liberal. Only in bizarro world. Only in the Obama Administration.

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6 Responses to Susan Rice Drops Out Of Secretary Of State Consideration

  1. fubar says:

    maybe it’s just me, but I think they had someone else in mind in the first place, the Rice thing was a distraction to keep from

    1. something else entirely that was going on

    2. appointing someone completely worse.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Because “women of color” need extra-special protection…

    ANDREA MITCHELL: I think this had become sort of an impossible challenge for her to be confirmed, that she realized that, the White House realized it as well. I think they know they are on good political solid ground, as you were just pointing out. This is not going to help Republicans at all, the fact that a woman and a woman of color has been forced out of a confirmation process even before she was nominated.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Remember when the Democrats were raked over the coals for their vile, racist attacks on Condi Rice?

      Yeah, neither do I.

  3. AFB says:

    @fubar — I think you’re right. I think they’ve had someone else picked all along. Maybe Lurch Kerry.

    All the Left’s and the media’s eggshell-walking, tiptoeing, cringing ass-kissery, if not outright worship, of anyone who happens to be “of color” makes me sicker than potato salad left out in the August sun for a week.

    Everything I’ve ever read about Susan Rice indicates that she’s nothing more than a snotty bitch who expects the world to worship her. I don’t particularly care if she’s black, white, fuschia, or chartreuse with silver sparkles shooting out her booty. She’s snotty, has a vastly inflated opinion of herself, and is tainted by her part in bin Laden NOT being killed when Clinton had the chance to do so. She may be even less qualified to be Secretary of State than H.R. Clinton was.

    • fubar says:

      that AFB, pretty much describes everyone in the regime, even the men.

      i’m sick of the elite, know it all types who are ruling over us like royalty. they forget who pays their salary.

  4. notamobster says:

    “…or chartreuse with silver sparkles shooting out her booty.”

    I actually think this one would be pretty interesting.