The Central Bureaucracy is teaching your kid about dating

When I was a young person, I don’t recall having much contact with the federal government. In fact, unless I was going to a national park, I didn’t run into it at all. Nobody did. Since we don’t have any national parks, national forests or military bases in Iowa, the federal government was pretty much a theory except at tax time. My father’s generation had even less. Other than dealing with the draft and April 15th, my father could have lived and entire life without running into the feds.

That is all changed. Today, the federal government is teaching your middle schooler about safe sex.

The U.S. government is getting ready to conduct an experiment of sorts inside Oakland middle school classrooms – trying to teach kids about safe dating skills.

In a classroom at the Alameda County Public Health Department in San Leandro, 25 social workers, educators and parents gathered into small groups, learning about teenage relationship violence.

You know, I learned about these things without the need for a federal grant. Or a state grant. Or any grant at all.

It is salient that the more the feds do this sort of thing, the more of it is needed.

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3 Responses to The Central Bureaucracy is teaching your kid about dating

  1. Pooljunkie says:

    I can’t think of one instance where this is a good idea.

  2. Uke says:

    The Leviathan will show you how to have sex. When to have sex. Where to have sex. Whom to have sex with.

    If showing you doesn’t achieve their goals, they presume that you are too stupid to take their sage advice, and will impose said wisdom upon you. Welcome to the Brave New World in which your sexual partner is chosen for you, you have to apply for a permit to have sex with said partner, and you will be assigned a number of children you may bear. If, that is, you didn’t get assigned to a same-sex relationship through one of the inevitable bureaucratic mistakes. If prearranged marriages were good for feudal societies, why not for neo-feudal Amerika?

    Don’t worry, it’s only for your own good.

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