Of Course It’s The Fault Of The Republicans

UN Ambassador Susan Rice has taken her name out of the running for the Secretary of State. My take is that she was never seriously considered in the first place. The Obama administration allowed everyone to think it could be her so the media could occupy themselves with a discussion of her role in the Benghazi killings. In the end they were looking toward this point – where she withdrew herself and the GOP was blamed by everyone on the left.

The goal is not to select a SecState. The stated goal is to destroy the Republican party. It’s working, too. So far they have convinced young people across the country that the last thing they want to be labeled is a ‘Republican’.

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One Response to Of Course It’s The Fault Of The Republicans

  1. AFB says:

    I recently changed my voter affiliation from Republican to Independent. However, if the best candidate — one whose platform most closely matches my core values — is a Republican, yer damn skippy I’m going to pull the lever for the “R”. (Or, in my state, fill in the middle of the arrow next to the “R”‘s name). Will also be delighted to inform anyone who asks that YES, I voted for a — gasp! — Republican.

    Susan Rice and the Left can go fornicate themselves.