Michael Savage Joins The Left And Loses Millions Of Listeners

Mouthing off without getting the facts right, Savage shows himself to be no friend of Americans. How do his points make any sense? They don’t. The shooter didn’t own the guns.

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17 Responses to Michael Savage Joins The Left And Loses Millions Of Listeners

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the anti-depressants. I mean, if you are diagnosed with clinical depression, maybe being armed isn’t such a great idea. I am not going to defend that position because I don’t know enough about it. Still, a lot of these mass killers sure seem to have mental conditions that, while not so extreme that it keeps them from living independently, it still causes them to shoot innocent people.

    I feel strongly that the problem with these shootings isn’t the guns, it is the people. I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t know if anything can be done about it.

    Obviously, insane people shouldn’t be allowed to own weapons. I don’t know for sure where to draw the line that establishes you as fully sane. I know for certain that some people who are deeply, clinically depressed are not fully sane.

    • Tony says:

      1) A person properly treated by antidepressants so not be depressed.
      2) Severely depressed people are threats to themselves not the general population.
      3) What was accomplished with the gun at the school could have been accomplished with a machete. Like they do it in third world countries.
      Shall we also exclude those being treated for depression from possession of a machete?

  2. notamobster says:

    Some people on depression meds are on them for anxiety or PTSD. Their right to self-defense is just as God-given as mine. The truly crazy? They shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. How will we keep them from stealing someone else’s and going on a rampage?

    Mr Savage has lost his mind.

  3. Greg B says:

    I know someone who IS clinically depressed. He shoots just fine.
    I’ve been to the range with him. Never once have I felt he might snap and just open fire on everyone. Just not in his nature.
    Every person is different, but that’s just it, every person is different.

    • messup says:

      Agreed! Especially when an individual has a history of prescription medication use and misdiagosed symptoms. A school psychologist may have the training, and interest in properly analyzing a student’s aberrant behaviour…but a specialist may do better than any school psychologist would ever do.

      A parent, knowing a childs deficiency, is doing themselves and their community a great disservice buying and medicating their children based upon only a school psychologist’s diagnosis. One has only to remember the Ritalin craze sweeping the nation back in early 1980’s and the serious harm resulting from this long term use of Ritalin in school-age children.

      Psychosis, medication and diagnosis are serious responsibilities any school, parent and community bear. Pray. Amen. (Our growing Homeless population is another issue We The People must be dealing with-a time bomb waiting to explode, too).

    • Tony says:

      I know working police officers who are on anti depressants.
      Keep a man under a strain long enough and he may become clinically depressed but I doubt he would become a mass murderer.
      Clinical depression is not equivalent to being sociopathic.

  4. messup says:

    Let’s all keep the focus!! It’s the message vs. messenger. We The People must avoid the New Left Progressive’s trap of massacring a messenger while failing to examine the message.

    What’s the message? Yes, the first rule in any safe weapons purchase, care and storage is – a secure safe with its combination known to one owner (or restricted, authorized personnel).

    Second rule, a trigger locking device, firmly and securely installed on any weapon, not in immediate use or carried on an individual while on duty or performing security type employment (especailly when children, teenagers or many visitors are present).

    Third rule. Never, ever store (in a safe, secure location) loaded weapons with loaded clips laying next to that weapon in the same, secure, safe location (any combination safe should have a secure, locked drawer for clips and ammunition).

    Good rules, knowledgeable, instructed and educated citizenry will do much to improve and reduce instances such as these and avoid improper use and abuse of firearms (owned and in the hands of America’s citizenry) in these USA. Pray. Amen. Learn and Teach.

    • notamobster says:

      Messup – none of my firearms are locked up. Not a single one! Never in my life, will I install a trigger lock on any firearm. Not ever.

      I have ammunition stored right next to my weapons, at various locations in my home. I have a 12ga behind the main entrance (up on a shelf @ 7′ high) with a modified ammo box holding 00 buck. The bolt is open at all times. Everyone in my house has been instructed as to operation. Pull gun, insert shell, push button, point, click.

      I won’t go into detail about the rest, but I will say that in total darkness, I can walk into my closet, pull out my MP5 clone, insert a magazine, load a round into the chamber, operate the selector and be ready for battle. Everything is positioned perfectly to operate blind, from memory.

      I have children. They are all familiar with my firearms. They know that they are not to touch them unless I am present. Any time they want to shoot, I will gladly go outside and shoot with them.

      I have removed the taboo, through proper training. When the curiosity is gone, so is most of the risk. I respectfully disagree with your (above) statements.

  5. pateriot says:

    I agree with him on one point and that is that movies that children might see should not have gun (or any other form) violence in them. This does not teach the responsible use firearms but the random violence and shooting without consequences that real gun violence brings with it. Equally at fault is the violence in many video games. Ironically the restrictions of sex and violence onTV and movies was faught tooth and nail by the Democrats and Leftists in this country for years!!

    • notamobster says:

      I must disagree with your statement, too. While I understand that this (unmitigated violent content) is a problem with many children, it could be corrected by involved, concerned parents.

      My kids watch war movies and action shows (like Transformers I, II, & III). When I was a kid, I watched Die Hard. I’m not a stone-cold psychopath. I have issues with empathy, but that’s a genetic trait, not the result of the movies I watched as a child.

      Everything in life should be done in moderation. That includes consumption of action-violence in movies and video games.

      Kids who spend every waking hour plugged-in to MWIII, first-person shooting people, will have a natural tendency to become desensitized to the violence. Parents monitoring their children’s actions would prevent that. My brothers and I spent 1/2 of our childhood killing Russians outside. We played “War”.

      I play Modern Warfare with my kids on occasion, but it is for a short time, and long periods between.

  6. rj says:

    Sorry Messup, I’m with Nota every one of my multiple firearms are loaded and chambered. They are scattered around my house and rarely more than three or four steps away.

    Everyone in my family knows it and the guns stay right where I leave them.

    An unloaded or triggerlocked pistol is a two pound club. A unloaded rifle or shotgun is a longer club.

    I never intend to to a club to a gun fight.

  7. Ray Davies says:

    I think we all agree that the problem is NOT the GUN. Most of us are responsible gun owners and have taught out children and grandchildren well. The problem as I see it is the lack of MORAL VALUES. We no longer have the 10 comandments in court or school. Heaven forbid someone says a prayer around the kids. We try to live our lives and teach our kids in a just and moral way, but, there is the great liberal world that is trying to undo everything we teach at home. The schools, the movies, the games, and most of all the damned TV shows are turning the young against everything we believe in. How long will it be before this Country as we know it no longer exists?

    • notamobster says:

      The liberal mess is all-pervasive at this point. I checked up on my 12 year old daughter, as I am prone to do. It turns out that just this morning she created a google plus account. She immediately began “following” some people that are/were associated with some disney/nick show type boy band. On one of the 4 people’s pages, I found a picture of Justin Beiber with a woody and the girl commenting on how big his… you get the picture. When I clicked on the other guy, he had a blurred picture of two naked guys in bed saying “let’s get it on”.

      Needless to say, I was rather upset. I didn’t want to over-react so I took a few minutes, brought her to the computer and asked her what her Google+ password was.

      I explained why I was deleting her acct, why the content was unacceptable, and that she will have absolutely zero online accounts to which I or her mother don’t have the password. If another situation like this occurs, she will not be allowed on the internet.

      We screwed up with the oldest by allowing her a facebook acct and cellphone. The others will not have the same. The level of inundation with material which is destructive of the family and parental authority is absolutely staggering!

      I banned her from watching Glee! because it’s all about the gay agenda. We keep them in church, every week. We spend time together, but there is just too much bad influence coming at them from EVERY direction.

      We (all of us), as honest, God-fearing parents, are at a severe disadvantage. We must be more vigilant than ever, to keep our children’s attention and focus on God & family and things that encourage good Christian values.

      • Ray Davies says:

        Keep the Faith My Friend. We all learn from experience,with my daughter it was before all the cell phones,computers,etc, but not before the drug craze. She’s pretty well straightened up now and has an 8 year old son, that we get to spend a lot of time with

      • rj says:

        Outstanding along with ease of obtaining good inform
        ation to enhance learning is the ease of information to
        polute young minds, full time job my friend.

  8. Tony says:

    At least 25 deaths by machete. When will the cowardly politicians ban these weapons? These lethal weapons do not have to be reloaded and they never malfunction leaving victims at a complete disadvantage to their attacker. Even untrained child can operate one. There is no way to install a lock on the machete. Due to the “hardware store loophole” machetes can legally be sold by anyone to anyone without background checks. Stop the madness!