Straw men are like, really mean, you know?

Let me summarize: Those who don’t want to see federal taxes increase are opposed to fire departments and roads and if taxes aren’t increased the United States will become the Congo or Haiti… you know?

Who are these conservatives who are opposed to fire protection or roads? I don’t know any. I also don’t know any who want America to go all third world. Who are these anarchists calling themselves conservative?

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4 Responses to Straw men are like, really mean, you know?

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Can someone explain to me why I must pay federal taxes in order to have local fire protection and local roads?

    • notamobster says:

      Sure. (Though you already know this)

      The federal government began granting tax revenue (borrowed money, actually) to police and fire depts because that gives them greater control at a state & local level. It’s the same reason they took over education. Every public emergency worker in the nation is required to have Homeland Security/FEMA training nowadays.

      The same thing happens with infrastructure. Providing funding, offers the feds a level of control over state behavior, which they couldn’t have realized otherwise. Don’t do what we say? We’ll withhold funding.

  2. BrunDawg says:

    “I believe that we’re all in it together”…but if the government could make you be “in it” as much as I want to be in it…
    What are the poker tells when he says “I need to pay more taxes”? Something about touching your face.

  3. James says:

    Damon clearly hasn’t done any study or thought.
    What are the cornerstones of Civilization, the four functions of any economic system?
    Of course if The Congo or Dominican Republic were closely examined, it would be found that property rights were selectively applied, court systems were corrupt, justice didn’t apply to the privileged, and neither did certain regulations. Likely public coffers are being raided. It has nothing to with non-funding of roads or fire departments.

    Matt, either read up, or stay off talk shows.